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28th Saxon Bull Auction in Meißen: A Great Event

The month of February has sure been eventful so far for beef cattle breeders from Saxony and Lower Saxony. Just last weekend they were enjoying the exciting atmosphere in the exhibition hall “Niedersachsenhalle” in Verden for the selection of Miss and Mister Verden 2019. As soon as that event was over, they got right back into their cars to drive to MASTERRIND’s 28th Saxon Bull Auction in Meißen. The bulls at the auction had been licensed the previous day and were certainly impressive! Every single one of them was of fantastic breed type and absolutely easy on the eyes!

The bleachers of the festively decorated hall were fully occupied with almost 500 beef cattle enthusiasts. 54 bulls of the breeds Fleckvieh-Simmental, Charolais, Limousin, Angus and Blonde d’Aquitaine were presented for sale by auctioneer Torsten Kirstein. Interested buyers from Saxony, Lower Saxony and some other areas in Germany were highly motivated to purchase a promising new sire for their herd. Some bulls were even sold to clients from the Czech Republic, Latvia and Switzerland. High quality has its price, so the average sales price of all breeds settled at 3,008 Euros.

Just like in previous years, the Fleckvieh-Simmental breed represented the largest auction contingent. Let’s first talk about a bull that has already caused quite the commotion when he was licensed with the excellent grades 8/9/7 – Catalogue # 34, Ludwig (sired by Levis), from Erwin Forche’s breeding farm in Hoyerswerda. He received first place amongst all bulls of his breed and second place amongst all breeds at the auction. After he majestically entered the auction ring, a buyer from the area of Saxony Switzerland took the great opportunity and purchased this bull for his cow-calf operation for 3,500 Euros. MASTERRIND GmbH also invested in some excellent Fleckvieh-Simmental genetics from Saxony, by purchasing bull Oman (catalogue # 28, sired by Oliver, bred by KÖG) for 4,000 Euros, the highest sales price for the Fleckvieh-Simmental breed.

Both Blonde d’Aquitaine bulls at the auction were from Frank Groba’s organic beef cattle operation in Hoyerswerda. Turek, catalogue # 10, received better grades at the licensing and was purchased by a farm in Lower Saxony.

The winning bull of the Angus breed was Pen, a bull from Uwe Heinz’s well-known breeding farm in Zwickau. He did not fail to impress his buyer from Brandenburg with his excellent overall appearance and licensing grades. The highest price was achieved for the chic, black bull Niels (catalogue # 4, sired by REA Neuer). He was bred by Markus Göbel from Großschweidnitz and sold for 3,200 Euros to a Bavarian breeding farm.

The bull Nuri scored the leading position amongst all Charolais bulls. Nuri’s sire was the winner of the breed at the Saxon Bull Auction in 2017 and his half-brother was the winner in 2018. What a great success for their breeder Lothar Strohbach from Gersdorf! Nuri sold for 3,000 Euros to a breeding farm in the area of Meißen. The young bull Egbert, bred by Matthias Kuntze from Grumbach, received the highest price of the breed. He sold to a well-established beef cattle operation in Mecklenburg.

Exciting bidding duels are the icing on the cake at any auction and this definitely happened when the Limousin bulls were auctioned off! The winner of the breed and this year’s overall Champion of the auction was the bull Abruzo, from the Limousin breeding farm Klemm in Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau. This well-muscled bull of excellent breed type did not fail to impress! A breeder from the Czech Republic purchased this outstanding bull for 4,400 Euros. There was a true head-to-head bidding duel between two breeders for catalogue # 52. Coleur is sired by the famous bull Caid and also descends from the Limousin breeding farm Klemm. He received the highest possible grade of 9 for breed type at the licensing! A buyer from Switzerland ended up winning the duel and purchased Coleur for 8,200 Euros. Only 100 Euros short of last year’s top overall sales price of 8,300 Euros.

With great average sales prices of all five breeds, the Saxon Bull Auction in Meißen was a success for the breeders as well as MASTERRIND as the organizer of the event and left everyone satisfied with the results.

Pictures can be found here.

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