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40th Beef Cattle Days in Verden: Sun Beams Reaching into the Auction Ring

Once a year, Lower Saxony is heaven on earth for beef cattle breeders! You might wonder when? It just happened this last weekend, on February 15-16, 2019! All breeders of the well-muscled beef cattle breeds made their way to the “Niedersachsenhalle” in Verden, accompanied by their families and their cattle.

The first rays of sunshine created an energetic atmosphere and the auction ring resembled a beehive. With all the hustle and bustle in and around the ring there was no doubt that something special was going on here. Showtime and auction!

Let the Show Begin!

Just like every year, the show was kicked off by the extensive cattle breeds and the young breeders. Following was a truly phenomenal bull parade! The excellent bulls that were shown as representatives of their breeds entered the ring with great confidence. This event was truly an honor for the bulls and their breeders – even agricultural minister Barbara Otte-Kinast paid a benevolent visit to the anniversary event. We are sure selecting Mister and Miss Verden was one of the more pleasant tasks she undertook recently. With an expert eye, she chose the chic and typical Galloway heifer Uzuri, led by her proud breeder Friedrich Wiegmann from Sulingen, as Miss Verden 2019. Moments later she selected the great bull Ulymp owned by Ropers GbR from Wischhafen to be Mister Verden.

Going Once, Going Twice… Sold

You can always rely on auctioneer Torsten Kirstein. Right at 12pm the winner of the Charolais breed entered the ring. A total of 162 bulls had to be sold. A buyer from Latvia was most persistent while bidding for the Charolais bull MC Ulesko, the reserve champion. This bull, owned by Rainer Moormann from Essen sold for 6,500 Euros! The winning bull, Jubi PP owned by Annette Arndt from Syke sold for 5,200 Euros and will now be used as a breeding sire at a well-known breeding farm in Brandenburg. All 46 Charolais bulls were sold quickly and with an average sales price of 3,472 Euros they received the highest average price of all breeds offered.

Next up were the “Blondies“ – the Blode d’Aquitaine cattle. Urano PS, bred by Christian Thies from Twistingen, scored first place for his breed. On top of that, he performed extremely well in the auction ring and sold for 3,800 Euros. He will now be used as a sire at a breeding farm in Mecklenburg.

It was a very successful day for the homozygous polled Simmental bull Max PP. He first scored the leading position amongst all bulls of his breed and then sold for the excellent price of 4,800 Euros at the auction! His new home is in Schleswig-Holstein, right on the North-Sea coast.

Sando, the best Piedmontese bull (bred by Elke Wessel-Baum from Rinteln), was sold for 2,400 Euros. He will also move up north, to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Friedrich Wiegmann secured the winning title with his Galloway bull Oneal. An enthusiastic breeder from Diepholz recognized this bull’s potential and ended up purchasing him for 4,000 Euros.

Hereford bull Dukan PP from Carsten Rust from Bad Fallingbostel sold to a Latvian breeding farm for 2,500 Euros. Welsh black bull Enzo from Frank Mahnken’s breeding farm in Ahausen sold for 3,200 Euros. He will now be used as a sire at a well-known breeding farm in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

With 53 bulls, the Limousin breed represented the largest auction contingent. All of them were sold quickly. The reserve champion “Unfug” (German for shenanigans), received the highest sales price of the respective breed and of the whole auction. This bull of exceptional breed type, bred by Gernot Lingens from Twistingen, sold for an astounding 7,500 Euros to an enthusiastic breeder from Wangerland. Mister Verden 2019, Limousin bull Ulymp, sold for 5,200 Euros and is now being used as a sire for a big herd in the area Osterholz-Scharmbeck.

All 34 Angus bulls quickly found their new owners as well. Reserve champion REA Sam owned by Heinz-Wilhelm Riekenberg from Burgwedel received the highest sales price of the breed with 4,600 Euros. His new home is a dedicated breeding farm in Sachsen. The winning bull of the Angus breed, Lukas, sold for 3,800 Euros. Lukas was bred by Heinrich-Werner Brockmann from Hessisch Oldendorf and will now be used as a sire in the area of Gifhorn.

The phenomenal number of visitors at the breeder’s evening social and the auction sure made for a successful 40th Beef Cattle Day! Clients from our Lower-Saxony breeding area, but also from all over Germany and especially those from abroad gave this special anniversary event an appropriate ending! Top prices were received at the event, almost all bulls were sold (159 bulls sold out of a total of 162) and an outstanding average sales price of 3,183 Euros was achieved.


Following this link, you find all the pictures.

Breed Number Average price Maximum price
Charolais 46 3.471 € 6.500 €
Limousin 53 3.228 € 7.500 €
Blonde d’Aquitaine 8 3.212 € 4.000 €
Angus 34 2.870 € 4.600 €
Hereford 2 2.500 € 2.500 €
Galloway 7 2.550 € 4.000 €
Fleckvieh 5 3.640 € 4.800 €
Welsh Black 2 2.700 € 3.200 €
Piemonteser 2 2.400 € 2.400 €
Total 159 3.183 € 7.500 €
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