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42nd Beef Cattle Days – Diabas new Mr. Verden 2021!

Also on the second day of the 42nd Beef Cattle Days, breeders, buyers and organizers were rewarded with the most beautiful weather in Verden, Lower Saxony.

But the weather played the secondary role today, because an eventful day was ahead! Already the day before the exquisite selection of bulls and elite heifers from seven breeds were presented and licensed with a knowledgeable eye. The selection made auctioneer Torsten Kirstein go into raptures and everyone was feverishly anticipating today.

At 9.30 o’clock the time had come. The highest licensed bulls of yesterday entered the ring of the Lower Saxony Hall for the bull parade.

Of course, the female side was not missed out today. Following the bull parade, the eight elite heifers were convincing today. The Limousin heifer Micki (#160) from the farm of Friedrich Bruns particularly stood out and achieved the highest price of € 4,300. Overall, all elite heifers found a new owner with an average price of € 3,175.

We already come to the first highlight of the day – the election of Mr. Verden.

Diabas is Mr. Verden 2021!

Never before has a breeder been able to claim triumph two years in a row but in 2021 everything is possible! It was an emotional moment for breeder Annette Arndt when her Charolais bull Diabas (#139) won the election as Mr. Verden. It was a very close decision between the Limousin winner Jambon (#23) and Diabas, but Diabas knew how to convince with his perfect daily gain.

Mr. Verden 2021: #139, Diabas, from Anette Arndt
Mr. Verden 2021: #139, Diabas, from Anette Arndt

Before the long-awaited auction could finally begin, one thing must not be missing at the Beef Cattle Days in Verden – the greeting of the chairman of the beef cattle organisation (AFZ) Heinfried Sudmann. After the introductory words, Heinfried Sudmann was given the solemn task of honoring a person who has played a decisive role in shaping both the Beef Cattle Days in Verden and beef cattle breeding over the past decades – Friedrich Averbeck. Friedrich was awarded the Frido-Peper-Award for his breeding efforts guarded with standing ovations by all persons present.

Archive: Friedrich Averbeck on the 41st Beef Cattle Days, 2020
Archive: Friedrich Averbeck on the 41st Beef Cattle Days, 2020

Thereupon, the program continued briskly with the highlight of Saturday – the bull auction!

Three, two, one … mine!

Who does not know it, the well-known advertising slogan of an American online giant. In a slightly different way, but still with a certain similarity, the premiere of the first hybrid auction of MASTERRIND began.

At 11 a.m. auctioneer Torsten Kirstein opened the auction of 135 outstanding top bulls.

Unfortunately, technically not everything went completely smoothly at the beginning. However, the challenge was mastered excellently with enormous efforts and thanks to our customers on site as well as on the phone.

But now we come to the individual breeds. The starting signal was given by the Limousin breed. It started quickly with the winning bull Jambon (#23) from the  farm of Bernd Lilienthal, who achieved a price of € 5,000 with the highest grain scores (9-9-8). The most expensive bull in the Limousin category was the bull Mc Donald (#40) from the farm of Christian Müller from Kirchlinteln with € 6,800  who convinced with an extraordinary muscling and the highest daily gains of all bulls. The outstanding qualities of all the Limousin bulls raised also ensured an unprecedented average price of over € 4,300 across this breed.

We continue with the “Blondies” – the Blond D’Aquitaine.

The genetically hornless bull KUM Poldi (#51) from the breeding station of Bernd Kumlehn convinced in his breed with his breed type and muscling and achieved the highest price of the breed of € 5,500.

Blonde d’Aquitaine bull #51, Poldi, from Bernd Kumlehn
Blonde d’Aquitaine bull #51, Poldi, from Bernd Kumlehn

They are becoming more and more established at the beef cattle days – the bulls of the Fleckvieh-beef. One breeder was particularly successful today. The breeding station of Ralf Schmidt from Aerzen provided both the winning bull WBS Hubert (#59) with the highest price of € 3,800 as well as with the half-brother, the reserve champion WBS Hannes (#65), which achieved a price of € 3,200 €.

Let’s continue in the program. Let’s start with the Galloways which have not been represented quite so strongly this year as in the past. The champion Kele (#70) stood out with his interesting pedigree as well as his breed type and achieved the highest price of € 2,800.

The two Hereford bulls of the auction contingent from Carsten Rust’s farm received a very good international demand. The hammer fell on Hurrican (cat. no. 73) at € 4,200 and on Danny (#74) at € 3,400.

Let us now turn to the Angus breed. The 33 Angus bulls on offer were of outstanding quality, so that the fantastic average price for the breed of € 3,300.
Two breeders stood out in the auction – the breeding facilities of Heinz-Wilhelm Riekenberg and Thorsten Ahlers, each of which provided three bulls for the auction lot. Heinz-Wilhelm Riekenberg also sired the champion REA Dafs (#80), which convinced as the strongest type bull of the whole breed and reached a price of € 6,500.

Angus bull #80, Dafs, from Heinz-Wilhelm Riekenberg
Angus bull #80, REA Dafs, from Heinz-Wilhelm Riekenberg

Let’s move on to the last lot of the auction – the Charolais!

How could it be otherwise, the freshly elected Mr Verden and winning bull of the licensing – Diabas (#39) provided the absolute highest price of the day € 7,300. Diabas will breed in the future in a newly founded breeders’ association in Lower Saxony.

You want more?

Logo 30th Saxon Bull Auction
30th Saxon Bull Auction

Thus, after initially technically challenging circumstances, the 42nd Beef Cattle Days ended with a bombastic price of € 3,518! The market was completely cleared and 134 of 135 bulls found a new owner. We would like to thank all buyers, customers and farmers who have contributed equally to the fact that this high-quality auction was valued accordingly and thus also rewarded monetarily.

Are you still looking for the right bull for your herd? Next week, on February 18, you will have the next opportunity to purchase the bull for your herd at the 30th Saxon Bull Auction. The auction will take place purely as an online auction. Convince yourself already now digitally of the qualities of the auction lot on



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