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47. Schau der Besten

Fux Seattle is the New “Miss Schau der Besten”

The exhibition hall Niedersachsenhalle was consistently filled with visitors on February 27th, 2020 for the “Schau der Besten”. Around 3,000 visitors came to witness the unique show for Holstein cattle.

The 47th edition of MASTERRIND’s show was a great success with an overall amazing atmosphere and plenty of excitement. Judge Marc-Henri Guillaume from Switzerland was enthusiastic throughout the event and was impressed by the quality of the animals and the size of the show.

Young and Full of Hope

Holstein breeders presented their very best replacement heifers in three very large heifer- classes. Today’s show heifers have great potential to turn into winning cows in the future! Elanie (sired by Devour RF and owned by Wilcor Holsteins, Warmsen) received first place in the first class of heifers. She is a very well-balanced heifer of strong dairy type. My Naketano (sired by Diamondback and owned by Franz-Bernd Meyer from Sierhausen) came in second right behind her.  Hat Party (sired by Chief) placed first in the second heifer class. She is owned by Bernd and Josef Hatke from Bösel and did not fail to impress judge Guillaume with her strong shoulders, ideal teat placement, and excellent udder traits. Greta, sired by Sanchez and owned by Rainer Engelke and Eike Spangenberg from Asendorf, placed second in the same class. The last class of heifers was won by EHL Obama, sired by Board and owned by Hatke GbR, Helmut Etmann, and Torben Melbaum from Bösel. Second place was claimed by Specialred, sired by Awesome and owned by Jonas Melbaum from Haselünne.

The first highlight of the day was the selection of the overall winner of all three heifer classes. Elanie claimed the title of Champion and EHL Obama came in right behind her as the Reserve Champion.

Progeny of Popular Bulls

Highly interesting for the visitors were the progeny presentations of MASTERRIND bulls Missan, Arino Red, Kingsley, and Kingman. Just like in previous years, some very well-balanced progeny groups that perfectly highlighted the bulls’ transmitting potentials were presented this year. Feet and legs, performance, but also the new breeding values for health played an important role in the assessment of animals. Bull Kingsley’s daughters MR Leetjen (Rieckmann KG, Winsen) and Frensi (Frentjen GbR, Bad Bentheim) claimed first and second place, respectively. They both are living proof that Kingsley passes on phenomenal udders to his daughters. On top of that, Kingsley’s offspring are highly resistant to Mortellaro’s disease.


Young Cows and Breeders

Marc-Henri Guillaume described the first class of cows in their first and second lactation as challenging to judge. Due to the overall extremely high quality of animals, the ranking took some time. In the end, a cow with top udder traits and a lot of dairy strength, OHB Dream (sired by Atwood and owned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Goedeker and Dieter Schlunke from Varrel), placed first. Coming in right behind her in second place was FG Memphis (sired by Arvis and owned by Henrik Wille from Herbergen). Another cow owned by Henrik Wille, Diamond (sired by Diamondback), placed first in her class. Loh TJ Chilli (sired by Solomon and owned by Mersch GbR, Freren) claimed second place. The winner of the following class was THL Playa (sired by Atwood and owned by Wille, Pröpper, Rolfes, Melbaum, Kallaß from Herbergen), a cow with excellent movement traits. O Klahoma (sired by G Dreams and owned by Wilcor Holsteins, Warmsen) came in second right behind her.

Next up were cows in their third lactation. SHo Jolina (sired by Godewind and owned by Franz-Bernd Meyer from Sierhausen) was able to claim first place with her stong and level loins. Nicky (sired by Burnet Red and owned by Varelmann GbR, Steinfeld) came in second right behind her. FG Neela (sired by Barbwire and owned by Henrik Wille from Herbergen) won the last class of the division. Her assets were her dairy strength and openness of rib. Coming in right behind her was Fux Tohuwabohu (sired by Godewind and owned by Hahn/Radke Holsteins, GbR, Eppendorf).

Eyecatcher OHB Dream was the clear overall winner of the division of young cows. The title of Reserve Champion was claimed by WFD Miss Diamond.

Before the division of the “old ladies” took place, the young breeder of the year was selected. Stefanie Richter received her award from the young breeders’ board member Jochen Bohn. The winners of the international young breeders’ competition “MASTERs Open” were also announced at the show. Michelle Krugmeier (MAR) was the overall winner among the younger participants. Marieke Albring from the Netherlands claimed first place among the older participants.

Deserving “Old Ladies”

Next was the division of the “old ladies”, cows in their 4th lactation and up. Countdown (sired by Sympatico and owned by Stefan Schulte-Lohmöller from Rede) won her class due to her excellent front udder traits. Right behind her in second place was RZB Liza (sired by Ladd P and owned by Egon Strudthoff from Dötlingen). Loh Lilli Brax (sired by Braxton and owned by Andreas Lohmöller from Emsbüren) is truly an impressive cow with many accomplishments in the show ring. Due to the harmonious blending of parts and her dairy strength, she placed first in her class. The second place was claimed by Sazuu (sired by Seagual and owned by Tönjes GbR, Hude). The next class was won by a cow of strong dairy character, Loh Lippi (sired by Gold Chip and owned by Andreas Lohmöller from Emsbüren).  GLH Imofly (sired by Brendal and owned by Franz-Bernd Meyer from Sierhausen) came in right behind her in second place.

A truly impressive cow was sent into the show ring by Hahn/Radke GbR. Fux Seattle, sired by Gold Chip, is in her 5th lactation and placed first in her class. The second place of the same class was claimed by Renee, also sired by Gold Chip and owned by RZB Derboven, Warpe.

Last but not least was the class for “lifetime production”. Cows with a lifetime production of over 70,000 liters of milk were able to participate in this class. These impressive cows truly deserved to be honored! Especially exceptional was Algenblume, sired by Goldwin and owned by Friedrich Kleine-Ruse from Isterberg. It was her third time at the “Schau der Besten” and her lifetime production exceeds 100,000 L. She placed second in her class. The first place of the class was claimed by BWH Annika, sired by Atwood and owned by Wille, Bollhorst, Melbaum, Kallaß, Herbergen.

Next, all cows that received first and second place in their class entered the show ring for the selection of the overall winner of the division. It was an obvious decision for judge Guillaume. Extremely high-quality cow Fux Seattle with her excellent udder traits was the clear winner. Powerful cow Loh Lilli Brax received the title of Reserve Champion.

The absolute highlight of the day was, of course, the selection of the Grand Champion. Verden’s highschool orchestra skillfully accompanied the entrance of the animals with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. It was a very moving moment. Marc-Henri Guillaume once again stated how very impressed he was by the outstanding quality of all the winners of the show. He then proceeded to award Fux Seattle with the title of “Miss Schau der Besten”. Loh Lilli Brax claimed the title of Reserve Grand Champion.