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Beef cattle events: Updates, licensing results and (reserve) champions

Dear customers,

as important as pictures and videos are to convince yourself of the condition of an animal, the hard (genetic) facts on paper are additionally important.
Read today our news about the 30th Saxon Bull Auction and the 42nd Beef Cattle Days!

30th Saxon Bull Auction

Inspection results, update of genetic traits and auction order

On Thursday, February 11, 2021 , we have compiled the breeding classification for you.
At this year’s Saxon Bull Auction they were collected by us on site due to Corona.
In addition, you will find on our auction page the update of the genetic traits including the adjusted auction order.

42nd beef cattle days – Breeding classification and selection of winning and reserve winning bulls per breed

What a day, what a start for the upcoming auction!

The licensing committees met today in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden, in order to license and judge the beef cattle bulls that will be auctioned off tomorrow. Already the first view into the well-filled barns of the Niedersachsenhalle in the morning promised the inspection commissions that an excellent animal quality is present and it will not be easy to determine the champion and the reserve champion of each breed in the course of the day. Like pearls on a string, one prime example representative after the next of each breed stood close to each other in the barn.

Freshly strengthened and highly motivated, the licensing began at 11:00 a.m.. A total of 135 beef cattle bulls of the breeds Limousin, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Beef Simmental, Galloway, Hereford, Angus and Charolais  were waiting for their results. This turned out, as the breeding classification shows, positively. Today many “8s” and “9s” for type and muscling were given, which not only speaks for a TOP collection and quality across all breeds, but also once again confirms our strict pre-selection. In addition, the bulls behaved well during the marshalling and judging in the hall and thus underlined once again their great character. This was also duly appreciated by the select audience of today.

Who are the best of each breed? – The champions and reserve champions of today!

After all bulls were licensed, the best and second best representative of each breed were chosen. For this purpose, all 1a awarded bulls of each breed were once again inspected. Who the champion and reserve champion of each breed is, can be seen from the table.

Race Champion Reserve champion
Limousin #23 Jambon #9 JK Maiko
Blonde d´Aquitaine #51 KUM Poldi #50 HV Piko
Fleckvieh Fleisch #59 WBS Hubert #65 WBS Hannes
Galloway #70 Kele #68 Bento
Angus #80 REA Daf s #AA Glaser
Charolais #139 Diabas #116 MC Morano

The special award goes to ….?

The last item of the day was the special award for the muscling and type champions in the breeds: Angus, Charolais and Limousin. While REA Daf s (Angus, Cat-No 80), Diabas (Charolais, Cat-No 139) and Maik (Limousin, Cat-No 19) carry from now on the title type champion, the bulls AA Glaser (Angus, Cat-No 82), MC Metro (Charolais, Cat-No 115) and MP Julian (Limousin, Cat-No 15) can be proud of the title muscle champion.

Conclusion of today: “We are warmed up for tomorrow! Be excited and be a part of it!”

Done, but more than satisfied, we are euphorically looking forward to tomorrow’s online auction of the best beef cattle bulls of the year as well as 8 elite cattle. Starting with the champion and reserve champion of each breed and then descending in quality, each breed will be auctioned online one by one tomorrow. Be part of this unprecedented event in the beef cattle scene and secure one or more of the excellent animals for your herd! The transport of your auctioned animals within Germany as well as to the neighboring countries can be organized by us gladly for you. So don’t be afraid to become a part of the new beef cattle acquisition and use the chance to acquire your genetics for tomorrow from the comfort of your home!

Don’t miss the chance to see if Annette Arndt from Syke will be able to win with her Charolais bull again the title Mr. Verden and repeat her success from last year. The chances with her Charolais bull Diabas (Cat-No. 139) are not bad for her.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our select audience once again for their compliance with all hygiene regulations. Both the present breeders and prospective buyers have adhered to all applicable hygiene regulations and thus contributed significantly to the smooth running of today.


Photos: Heinrich Schulte