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Breaking News of the breeding value estimation April 2021

The economic and health traits are moving higher in the focus of the RZG-compositionThrough these changes Germany has seen several changes in the ranking´s of this breeding value estimation. 
Read our article on the new RZG-composition to check out all details.

Breaking News about our MASTERRIND sires

Newcomer breeding value estimation

  • BEN RED (RZN 119) and BAYMAY RED (RZN 124) are two attractive daughter proven Red-Holstein newcomers who are ranking particularly high for longevity.
  • CRUSADER and CLOONEY are our new highest ranking genomic sires. Both combining great production with impressive health traits and Kappa-Casein A2/A2.
  • Germanys two leading sons of the MASTERRIND-sire CROWNMAX are CROWNTOWN and CRESPO RDC. Crowntown scores with excellent longevity and health traits while Crespo is with 2500 kg of milk one of the best sires for milk production.


  • MASTERRIND´s breeding program is the source of 5 Red Holstein sires and 3 Holstein sires among the German top 10 for RZG.
  • Especially noteworthy are ARINO RED (+735 daughters) and JAMESON (+259 daughters). Both score with impressive type traits and confirm their high proof level with a large number of milking daughters.
  • The genomic sire BEACHBOY is the winner from the new RZG composition. He climbs up to 5th place in the RZG top list due to his excellent health trait.

Polled Sires

  • MASTERRIND offers the number 1 homozygous polled Red Holstein sire each for daughter proven (APO RED PP) and for genomic sires (SIX RED PP).
  • Our two flag ships SOUL RED P and SIDO RED P ranking among the genomic Red Holstein top 10 sires for RZG.
  • First choice for outcross sires in this segment is our newcomer FREEWOOD P (Freemax x Selfie). He offers extreme milk solids and very good health traits.
  • The new SIMON P sons, SANCOS PP and SILBER PP shine as outstanding choices for robot milking systems. Additional both carrying the A2/A2 genotype for Kappa-Casein.


  • 4 of the top 5 genomic longevity sires originate from MASTERRRIND after this proof run. Especially to name is BASSONI, who ranks as number 2 for RZN. He also excels with a great proof level on US base.

Show Type Sires

  • Our popular daughter proven sire DARLINGO confirmed his excellent type level by doubling up his daughter number this proof run. He remains in number 2 position for RZE and leaves high classified daughters all over Europe.
  • 4 of the genomic top 10 Red Holstein type sires are coming from MASTERRIND. This group of type specialist is lead by our well-known SPARK RED son, SOLITO RED.
  • A new highlight in this group is the KINGDOC son KINGMASTER, who is one the best genomic type sires in Germany.