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August Sire Summary 2020

The August Sire Summary 2020 was a very exciting one for MASTERRIND and has seen many new additions to the top of our MASTERPROVEN and particularly MASTERGEN lineup. Germany also published for the first time the new Economic Total Merit, RZ€, in addition to the well-known index RZG. Differences in RZ€ directly indicate the monetary advantage of genetics between two animals during their entire life. The value is expressed in Euro currency and half of the RZ€ value of the sires will be realized in his daughters.


  • The Balisto son KNS BALDUR remains strong in the German Top 10 with an RZG of 148. He is also the German #3 for high reliable bulls now with over 9000 milking daughters (TPI 2479).
  • Last rounds exciting newcomer WEH GLORYDAY (S. Genestar) from the Southwind Gale EX-90 family gained 6 (!) points for RZG and entered the German Top 20 with an RZG of 146 (TPI 2443).
  • A new star arrival is HMO SILVERSTAR (S. Silver) who combines good production with very good type, particularly for feet & legs and udders. Silverstar ranks also very well on US base (TPI 2527).
  • The newly proven sire Koesters CHECKPOINT is the #1 German Commander son for type (RZE 133) and does offer solid milk production from incredible udders (2436 TPI, PTAT 2.02, UDC 2.07).
  • Our outcross specialist Koepon MARCREST (S. Mardi Gras) stood strong this round and provides great figures across the board, while remaining popular as a fitness & fertility improver (RZG 138).
  • Newly released is RR PLAYOFF, a Penley son from the family of the 100.000 $ cow, Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89, combining good production from top udders plus superb fitness (RZG 141).
  • KINGSLEY continues to be a great source of high milk solids and exceptional type. Our elite Kingpin son makes fine, open-ribbed dairy cows with flat bones & superb udders (RZE 130, PTAT 1.94).
  • There is no better in the German Red Top ranking than our popular Archive son, ARINO RED when it comes to high components, great type & udders plus a cow family of excellence (RZE 128).
  • STEP RED holds on to the leader position as #1 RZG sire and #3 for TPI (RZG 147, TPI 2426).
  • Nr. 2 for PP proven bulls is BH APO RED PP from the Lila Z family at 135 RZG and 2203 TPI.


  • GENERAL managed to enter the German Top 10 for RZG at 162 and is the best German Gywer son! The component specialist ranks also #2 for production in Germany at RZM 159!
  • Last rounds hot newcomer GENDRY (S. Garito) remains in the German Top 10 with 162 RZG while also offering Top positions on several other European basis (PFT 4588, ICO 4970).
  • Shining on the Newcomer stage is the Bali son BABALOU who ranks also extremely well for RZ€ thanks to excellent production & health traits (RZ€ 2748, RZG 161, ISU 199, NVI 292, ICO 5151).
  • With the elite package sire HADI (S. Hothand) MASTERRIND offers a new Top 20 bull (RZG 160).
  • Plain-Knoll HURLEY (Huey x Legendary) is the best of MASTERRIND’s Top Huey sons and ranks high on German as well as on North American base (RZG 157, GTPI 2845 GTPI, 706 NM$).
  • The #1 Dateline son in Germany is DATELAND from the popular Rita family who sports phenomenal production with good type and superior health traits (RZG 159, ISU 198, ICO 5069, INET 513).
  • With HPH HUBERTUS (RZG 154, NM$ 743) and Ladys-Manor HURRICANE (RZG 146, GTPI 2686), MASTERRIND has Top sons of Humblenkind, who both rank particularly high on US base.
  • The popular Mastergen sires Sandy-Valley SAVANT (RZG 154, GTPI 2773) and Sandy-Valley KODIAK (RZG 152, GTPI 2752) both rank as #2 and #3 German Kenobi sons in August.
  • HURACAN gave a remarkable debut as the leading German Hagar son at RZG 159 (NVI 306).
  • Our elite Sound System son, N-S SOUNDBAR did hold firm at 151 RZG and exciting 2833 GTPI!
  • The Gywer son GRANDO RED holds the crown among the Red rankings at RZG 164 (2531 GTPI).
  • With Sudena SAFARI RED (RZG 153, GTPI 2648) and SAM RED P (RZG 152, GTPI 2588) MASTERRIND offers breed-leading Spark Red sons on German as well as North American scale.
  • The homozygous polled musketeers HAGGAI PP, HOTBULL PP & HOBBIT PP all rank high on various scales plus offer the elite combination of BB for Kappa-Casein and A2A2 for Beta-Casein.
  • 7Ptit Coeur Doorman DARLINGO (RZE 143) and NH SOLITO RED (RZE 146) again are the type leader each among the German genomic Black & White Holsteins and the Red &White Holsteins, respectively.