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MASTERRIND’s Sire Directory features a powerful and most enhanced line-up of Black & White as well as Red & White Holstein Sires from Germany’s Premier Holstein Breeding program.


Breeding values are calculated three times a year: in April, August and December. The world’s most valued breeding features…


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MASTERRIND April Sire Summary 2021

News around the German Holstein breeding value evaluation

For the first time the German health traits RZcalffit and RZhealth are included in the new designed total merit index RZG. Additionally, the body index is included in the type composite, while the direct calving index RZKd became part of the calving composite as well. Through these changes the health traits are counting up for 49% in the total merit index. The new RZG structure as well as the annual base change in Germany (-6.1 RZG points on average for all Black and White Holsteins; -5,7 for all Red and White Holsteins) has led several changes in the German top rankings.

Find out more about the RZGs’ new composition in our article “The new RZG“.


  • Our popular Jetset son Veenhuizer K&L JAMESON EX-90 climbs up to 5th place for RZG with 145. His impressive progeny excels with high milk solids, great type and top udders (131 RZE, ICO 4204, TPI 2539).
  • SUPERCUP remains among the German top 5 for RZG (145) and ranks at second highest bull for RZ€ (2121). Furthermore, he can be found in the top 50 in the Netherlands (NVI 230, INET 418).
  • Our group of top 10 RZG sires is completed by the outstanding production sire WEH FALSTAFF (RZG 144, +2337 milk kg). This RR Famous son also offers a great robot index of RZRobot 131.
  • Our customer favorite, S-S-I MODESTY JAZZ (S. Modesty) out of the O-Man Mirror family underlines his popularity with a strong debut among the proven scene & milking daughters in several countries (ISU 185, TPI 2469).
  • Still the shining star in the show section is Ptit Coeur DARLINGO EX-92 out of DH GoldChip Darling EX-96, who confirmed his excellent type level while doubling up his daughter number in April. He remains in second place for conformation (RZE 140) and leaves high classified daughters all over Europe.


  • Our world-class Red Holstein sire ARINO RED (RZG 134, RZE 129) from the Regiment-Apple EX-96 family continuous to offer a great blend of production, high type and remarkable udders (TPI 2353, PTAT 1,73).
  • To complement our group of attractive Red daughter proven sires take a look at the newcomers BEN RED (RZG 129, RZN 119, S. Brekan) and WIL BAYMAX RED (RZG 136, RZN 124, NVI 192, PF 117, S. Bagno RDC), who both started particularly strong within the German top 20 for total type index RZE.



  • As our highlight remains the Bali son BEACHBOY from the DE-SU 7012 family. He stays firm at 5th place for RZG, 3rd place for RZ€ and performing also high in several other breeding systems (RZG 165, RZ€ 2741, NVI 321, ISU 201, ICO 5207, NTM 31, PLI 712, TPI 2854). He continuous to be a sire of sons.
  • A new economic specialist is our VH Crown son CLOONEY. He ranks in the German top 10 for RZ€ and also carries the desirable Casein genotypes BB and A2/A2 (RZ€ 2680, RZG 161, NVI 320, PFT 4314).
  • Furthermore, MASTERRRIND dominates with 4 out of the top 5 the German genomic ranking for longevity. Especially to name is the Basic son HPH BASSONI, who ranks as number 2 for RZN (135). He is the highest Basic son and also excels with a great proof level on US base (TPI 2817, RZG 160).
  • The new two SH Gigabyte sons WEH GIGACUBE (RZG 155, TPI 2766, PLI 761, PFT 4383, ISU 205, PF 147, ICO 5152) from the DE-SU 7012 family and GORETZKA (RZG 157, PFT 4420, NVI 311, ISU 204, TPI 2779) from the Ricecrest Luke Lisa EX-92 family score well on several bases. They both impress with functional type and high health traits.
  • We are excited to present the first sons of our popular sire father Hul-Stein CROWNMAX including RBB CROWNTOWN (RZG 160, PLI 718, NVI 367, PFT 4336) and KHE CRESPO RDC (RZG 159, RZ€ 2555, +2500 milk kg). Both are combining high milk production and components with functional type.
  • Our TPI segment is led by the Bundle son OCD BOUNDLESS. He holds firm at 2911 gTPI and exciting 768 NM$. An unique opportunity is the Aristocrat son Col ASTROBOY (TPI 2829, NM$ 727, PLI 793, NVI 298, PFT 4121) from the Lila-Z family. The rare combination of >2900 TPI and a >2.5 PTAT offers our intriguing AltaHotJob son HOTBOB (TPI 2904, PTAT 2.6, PFT 4385). He also traces back to the popular Ricecrest Luke Lisa EX-92 family. One more rarity on US-base, is the Einstein son Fly-Higher ESPECIAL (TPI 2809, NM$ 710, RZG 156, PLI 742, PFT 4311). He performs well in several countries and combines high longevity with great fertility and health traits. The TPI group is complemented by the Freemax son WEH FORESTER (TPI 2859, PTAT 1.47), who goes back to the brood cow Boss Iron Irene EX-90 and transmits a great blend of functional type and impressive production.
  • Another new release Freemax son is FREEWOOD P. He is the only polled Freemax son in the German rankings. Additionally, he offers a total outcross pedigree for the polled breeders (Freemax x Selfie x Zumba P) plus extreme milk solids (+0.40% fat, +0.11% protein) and very good health traits (RZHealth 122, RZG 156, NVI 346, ISU 191, PF 142).
  • Our new homozygous polled stars are the early Simon P sons KAX SILBER PP (RZN 120, RZHealth 124, RZG 149) and SANCOS PP (RZG 154, RZN 126, RZHealth 128) both from the Perk Rae family. They are outstanding choices for robot milking systems and improving herd health and longevity at the same time. Furthermore, both are carrying the favorable A2/A2 genotype for Beta-Casein.


  • MASTERRIND offers the #1 homozygous polled Red Holstein sire, MHD SIX RED PP (S. Solitair P) who is a descendant from the world-famous Roxy family and who makes no compromise when it comes to production and all major fitness traits (RZG 158, NVI 252, TPI 2499).
  • The new influencer for the polled breed is SOUL RED P (RZG 161, ICO 5304, ISU 196, NTM 29, PF 139, PFT 4227, TPI 2656) from the Shottle Marbella family. He is already an international sire of sons and scores with high marks for fertility, productive life and milk production (RZR 118, RZN 128, +1892 kg milk).
  • Our three red flagships on the US base remain Jook SAVE RED (TPI, 2714, S. SALVO RDC), Kenmore AVANCE RED (TPI 2697, S. AVID RED) and Sud SAFARI RED (TPI 2634, PF 136, S. SPARK RED). All are sired by famous bulls out of the MASTERRIND breeding program.


  • The Salvatore RDC son NH SOLITO RED (RZG 148) from the Durham Altitude family dominates not only the German proof list for type (RZE 152), but although the UK type ranking with a TM of 2.94. Furthermore, 4 out of the genomic top 10 Red Holstein type sires are owned by MASTERRIND.
  • An upcoming show star for all Red Holstein breeders will be ACTOR RED (RZE 142) a HH AVATAR RED son who goes via a VG-88 Diamondback daughter straight on to Goldwyn Locket EX-94. Keep an eye out for him, he has all the potential to become MASTERRINDs next type specialist.
  • A new highlight in the group of show type sires is the KingDoc son GEN KINGMASTER whose pedigree traces back to the world-known brood Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92. He ranks as one of the best genomic type sires in Germany and in the UK (RZE 143, TM UK 2.6, PTAT 2.93).



  • First to mention is our new homozygous polled Cojack PP son, Covington Cojack LUKE PP. He comes out of a deep cow family and his grand dam is Covington Destiny Libby EX-94. LUKE PP offer a good package of solid milk production with high type and perfect udders (PTAT 1.5, JUI 13.9).
  • The popular Chrome son RC CRYSTAL P EX-90 has received the first daughters worldwide and they easily became farmer’s favorite. He is an outstanding type & udder improver (JUI 9.7) with solid milk production.
  • An intrigues newcomer is DIAMO (S. DILBERT P), who has semen available. DIAMO is extremely high for daughter fertility (DPR +2.1) and offers a good level of milk from shallow udders with a strong udder cleft.
  • For the first time MASTERRIND is offering with Rapid Bay DOWNTOWN BROWN a bull in the show type segment. He is the first sire from great Dorie Dee EX-95 family with extreme fat % and outcross pedigree.



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