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In the elite choice of semen from MASTERRIND, you will find everything from the top conformation sire, to the best sire for functional herd life…


MASTERRIND’s Sire Directory features a powerful and most enhanced line-up of Black & White as well as Red & White Holstein Sires from Germany’s Premier Holstein Breeding program.


Breeding values are calculated three times a year: in April, August and December. The world’s most valued breeding features…


MASTERRIND’s breeding program is the leading breeding program in Europe. Intensive selection of bull and heifer calves according to the key breeding values…

MASTERRIND Sire Directory

MASTERRIND‘s 2 versions of the new international Sire Directory 2020 are now available. The first edition with breeding values on German scale not only features an enhanced line-up of Holstein sires from Germany‘s Premier Holstein Breeding Program, it also includes an attractive selection of high quality MASTERRIND bulls from other dairy breeds plus a best selection of bulls from all major beef breeds, particularly suitable for today’s increasing beef-on-dairy semen selection schemes. Our second edition offers a superior selection of Black & White and Red & White Holstein sires from Germany‘s leading Holstein Program with their breeding values expressed on US base for international customers, who are selecting on both, or mostly on US scale.


Sire Directory 2020 – German Base

You find a downloadable version of the Sire Directory 2020 based on RZG here.


 Sire Directory 2020 – US Base

Click here to download the Sire Directory 2020 with TPI values.


Head of Semen Export Department
Dr. Matthias Riedl

(West-Europe, North & South-America, Oceania)

Phone: +49 3521 4704-52
Mobile: +49 178 6603625

Semen Export Department
Volker Meins

(Africa, Scandinavia, China, Turkey)

Phone: +49 4231 679-680
Mobile: +49 160 5355870

Semen Export Department
Steffen Feurich

(East-Europe, Iran, India, Pakistan)

Phone: +49 3521 4704-51
Mobile: +49 178 6623813

Semen Export Department
Dr. Alex Bauer

(Baltic States, Belarussia, Russia, Kazakhstan)

Phone: +49 4231 679-120
Mobile: +49 175 5231564

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