Beef Cattle Export



MASTERRIND leads the market in sales of Holstein breeding and commercial cattle. 150,000 animals are sold annually…


With 1,100 member farms, the beef breed department is well positioned for marketing breeding stock, weaners and slaughter cattle…


Beef Cattle Export

Wide range of breeding stock from different breeds on offer

In the Beef Cattle Herd Books of MASTERRIND, we account for more than 20 different beef breeds. Breeding stock for the domestic and export market are mainly selected through farm tours of the customer together with our MASTERRIND cattle specialists. The top sires of the breeds are offered at the Lower Saxony Beef Cattle Days in Verden and the Saxon Bull Auction in Meissen, with numbers of 140 and 50 head respectively per auction.

An important cornerstone of marketing in the beef cattle sector is the Weaners Auction. About 60% of animals in this category are sold via 11 auctions in Verden, with up to 620 animals per auction.

Cattle Export to Kazakhstan

Number of Beef Herd Book cows on MASTERRIND farms:

Breed Number
Angus 1.920
Charolais 1.848
Fleckvieh 1.095
Galloway 981
Hereford 486
Highland 471
Limousin 2.999
Blonde d’ Aquitaine 459
Others 854
Total 11.113


Almut Averbeck

(English, French and Spanish)

Division Manager International Cattle Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-116
Mobile: +49 171 7682652

Steffen Hambruch

(English and Spanish)

Department International Cattle Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-622
Mobile: +49 160 90529687

Julija Weber

(English, Polish and Russian)

Department International Cattle Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-150
Mobile: +49 175 2518476

Torsten Kirstein


Phone: +49 4231 679 165
Mobile: +49 172 4345596


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