Holsteins Export


MASTERRIND leads the market in sales of Holstein breeding and commercial cattle. 150,000 animals are sold annually…



With 1,100 member farms, the beef breed department is well positioned for marketing breeding stock, weaners and slaughter cattle…


Holsteins Export

Due to the great resources of animals on our 5,900 member farms, and our decades of experience, MASTERRIND is your partner in the international cattle business. We stand behind our trust, reliability and support for ensuring long-term business relations.
With more than 616,000 cows registered in the Holstein Herd Book and 80,000 beef cattle cows, MASTERRIND is by far the largest source of breeding cattle in both Germany and Europe. More than 36,000 animals had been exported across three continents.

Target regions of MASTERRIND Cattle Export in 2015/2016

MASTERRIND is your partner for all types of cattle from a wide range of breeds. Customized finance schemes and insurance solutions for your shipments are available. Contact our export team to receive an offer that meets your individual needs.


Holstein Auctions

MASTERRIND, with over 50 Holstein-breeding cattle auctions, is simply THE source for calved heifers, sires, heifers, cows, and also calves and veal calves!
The auctions provide a platform for customers from Germany and all over Europe to purchase high quality breeding stock with Holstein genetics. Often 400 animals or more are sold per auction.

The Holstein breeding cattle auctions of MASTRRIND take place at these market sites:

Bremervörde (Viehvermarktungszentrum, Gewerbering 15),

Cloppenburg (Münsterlandhalle, Eschstr. 35),

Lingen (Emslandhallen, Lindenstr. 24 a),

Uelzen (Viehverkaufshalle Uelzen, Eschemannstr. 3) and

Verden (Niedersachsenhalle, Lindhooper Str. 92)


Farm-to-farm selection

Pregnant heifers:

  • Selection by customers on the farms or by our experienced staff
  • The highest health status and vaccination of animals in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the importing countries
  • All in one hand: organization of selection and transportation as well as any follow-up on site
  • Weekly buying potential: about 1,000 animals
  • Pregnant heifers offered are between 2nd and the 7th month of pregnancy

Calved heifers Europe:

  • Animals out of free-style barns with the highest health status
  • Long transport distances can be easily arranged using official EU resting stations
  • Weekly buying potential: about 200 animals

Sales Barn

  • Large quantities of animals available in a short time to optimize your selection schedule
  • Highest veterinary standards
  • MASTERRIND operates eight sales barns in its breeding area with more than 1,500 units. Further centers are available on demand.
  • Pregnant heifers between the 2nd and 7th month of pregnancy


Almut Averbeck

(English, French and Spanish)

Division Manager International Cattle / Semen Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-116
Mobile: +49 171 7682652

Steffen Bartels

(English and Spanish)

Department International Cattle / Semen Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-622
Mobile: +49 160 90529687

Julija Weber

(English, Polish and Russian)

Department International Cattle / Semen Sales
Phone: +49 4231 679-150
Mobile: +49 175 2518476

Michael Hellwinkel

(English and Italian)

Phone: +49 4231 679-112
Mobile: +49 172 2133259