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Donations instead of cards

Without question, it’s nice to receive a card with Christmas greetings. In a year when so much personal contact is hidden behind 1.5 meters of distance and a mask, a card with a nice thank you for the past year is welcome.

Nevertheless, we at MASTERRIND think that there are many people who have had it even worse, even without Corona restrictions. And these are the people we would like to support with our donation – instead of sending cards.

“Star rides” fulfill wishes

The AmbulanceServiceNord (ASN) e.V. from Verden set itself the goal 20 years ago to fulfill (last) wishes of people undergoing palliative treatment. With the help of specially equipped ambulances, day trips – “star trips” – are organized, tailored to the wishes of the seriously ill. Be it that someone would like to see the sea one last time or would like to take part in a family celebration. These wishes are otherwise impossible for people confined to nursing beds. In order to be able to undertake these tours, the ASN relies on donations.

Frank Hupe of the ASN comments:

“Many think we helpers are something ‘special’ when you read the comments on social media about the star tours. However, each ‘INDIVIDUAL’ who expresses confidence in us and helps us in the form of a support is a very important part of this project. Without these supports, our current action would have remained only an idea! I may say also in the name of the future passengers and the relatives from the heart a very honest ‘THANK YOU’. Without  YOU it would not be possible for us to make the passengers’ fears and worries more bearable for at least a few hours.”

“Rescue Dwarfs”

Furthermore, the association offers first-aider training, as required for a driver’s license, among other things. But also the voluntary project “Rettungszwerge” (rescue dwarves), in which elementary school students are taught about first aid and the inside of an ambulance, are important components of the association’s work.

If you would also like to donate to the association, you can find out more at