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European Show in Libramont

Honorary Appearance for Lady Gaga

It was a highly emotional moment just before the last class of the old cows entered the ring! The rows of spectators were sparkling on the bleachers of the huge, dark tent as hundreds of cell phones were pulled out, their light breaking through the darkness. The song “Shallow” by megastar Lady Gaga was playing and the German Holstein queen of the same name, Lady Gaga, entered the ring at Henrik Wille’s side. In the middle of the show ring she came to a standstill, while the announcer enumerated her countless successes. Henrik Wille was moved to tears. Understandably so, as it was an incredibly moving moment when thousands of spectators stood up and showed their respect for this cow. Lady Gaga was the oldest and probably the most deserved cow in the competition. Her performance is undisputed. The spectators were visibly moved.

Red and White Holsteins in the Show Ring

While there weren’t very many cows in the competition of red and white Holsteins, it was sure still a show worth seeing. After all, Europe’s red and white “elite” group of cows all came together at this event!

The German competitors were FG Natalie (sired by Mad Max and owned by Wille, Herbergen, 1f class 2), RZB White Rose (sired by Colt and owned by Uhrig, Sulzbach, 1f class 4) and WR Minnesota (sired by Ladd P and owned by Wiewer, Drensteinfurt, 1d class 4).

Pasteque, sired by Savage and owned by Rodger Frossard from Switzerland received the champion title “European Red”.

Black and White Beauties

There were considerably more German cows in the division of Black and White Holsteins.

In class 1, OHB Dream, sired by Atwood and owned by Goedeker from Varrel, was able to score place 1g despite strong competition. In class 3 the current Young Champion from Verden, WFD Miss Diamond (sired by Diamondback, owned by Wiesenfeld, Wille, Melbaum and Kallaß, Herbergen) was nominated for place 1c with her strong dairy type and excellent feet and legs. In the same class, RZB Licorice (sired by High Octane, owned by Uhrig, Sulzbach) placed 1d and Momehailey du Tombuy (sired by Doorman, owned by Nosbisch Holsteins & Henneke, Niederweis) placed 1g.

Just like many times before, on this and the previous competition day, one of Switzerland’s extremely successful cows received the “Junior Champion” title. Comestar Doorman O’Katrysha, owned by WTS-Genetics Willmann from Menzau won the title with her excellent udders and overall extremely nicely balanced traits.

In the division of cows in their second and third lactation, there were two German cows in class 5. One of them was ZR Ananas, sired by O Kaliber and owned by Bohdemann from Berumerfehn. The other German cow in class five was able to score a leading position! The current “Miss Schau der Besten”, Loh TJ Alessja (sired by Armani, owned by Lohmüller, Melbaum, Nosbisch and Blaise, Emsbüren) was able to score place 1b!

In the next class, Rihanna, sired by Bradnick and owned by Huhne from Kasseedorf, placed 1f. The selection of the overall winner of the division was spectacular to watch! It is rare to see that many top-class cows at once! Judge Mark Nutsford from the UK hesitated to make a decision for one moment but then awarded the title to Italian cow M.E. Dal Long P Dandy (sired by Long P and owned by Errera Holsteins).

Cows at their Peak

As always, one of the most impressive things at the show was watching the division of the old cows enter the ring! These cows have reached the peaks of their careers and are now competing to stay in their leading positions. The only German cow in this division was Lady Gaga (sired by Modest and owned by Wille and Köster, Herbergen). Despite the strong competition of in comparison almost young seeming cows, she was able to score place 1b. Du Rahun Chelios Heline, owned by Al.Be.Ro from Switzerland, received the title “Senior Champion” and was described as almost unbelievable by Judge Nutsford.

In the following competition of the countries, Switzerland was the deserved winner. France and the Netherlands received second and third place, respectively.

Overall the European Show 2019 in Libramont, Belgium was a complete success! Excellent cows, great atmosphere in the show tent, amazing light and sound effects… It was sure a memorable event!


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