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German Dairy Show 2019: Bubbles and Champagne-Shower for Alessja

The second day of the German Dairy Show was all about the Red and White and Black and White Holsteins! Taking turns in the show ring they left nothing to be desired for the 2,000 attending spectators. New Supreme Champion Loh Alessja was celebrated frenetically with bubbles and a champagne-shower. But let’s take it step by step!

The organizer, “Bundesverband Rind und Schwein” from Bonn, made sure the event held in the EWE-Arena in Oldenburg was a full success with a newly designed show concept. It was a true attraction for the crowds consisting of cattle-enthusiastic farmers from all over Germany! The divisions of the Black and Red Holstein heifers had already taken place on the previous evening. On Thursday the 27th of July 2019 the cows in their second lactation started the show.

Divisions of Holsteins in their Second and Third Lactation

The current “Miss Schau der Besten”, Loh TJ Alessja, presented by her owner Jake Lohmöller from Emsbüren, was the clear winner of her class. To top it off, she was awarded the overall Champion title for the division of Black and White Holsteins in their second lactation. Due to her extremely well-balanced set of traits this well-rounded cow was able to get ahead of reserve Champion Dandy (sired by Long P, owned by Rising Star Holsteins, Hupperdange, Luxemburg), the current European Champion. FG Natalie owned by Hendrik Wille from Essen was the winner amongst the Red and White Holsteins in their second lactation. This elegant cow with great udder traits also participated at the European Show in Libramont. A cow of strong dairy type, Mox Moocha owned by Mock GbR from Markdorf, came in second right behind her.

Two years ago, Edlihtam (sired by Atwood) won the division of Holstein Heifers. This year, she scored the leading position in the division of Holsteins in their third lactation. Judge Markus Mock described her as the “complete package” with great chest width and strong dairy type. It was a head to head race between her and Reserve Champion Liviana (sired by Gold Chip and owned by Morisse GbR from Bremen). Liviana’s success at the event was a wonderful surprise for her owners, who had not expected to be awarded this title! Judge Mock described her as a true “Powerhouse” with a natural and winning appearance.

Division of Cows in their 4th Lactation and Up

Full of pride the “old ladies” in their 4th lactation and up entered the show ring to face the critical and admiring views of the judges and spectators. According to judges Mock and Andrea Uhrig (judge of the Red and White Holsteins), it was a true pleasure to see so many well-deserved older cows in the show ring all at once. Not an easy job to select a winner among these superb animals. In the end, Fux Seattle (sired by Gold Chip and owned by Hahn/Radke Holsteins GbR from Eppendorf) was the clear winner of the division. Her excellent rear udder and topline remained undefeated; the Champion title was without a question hers. Behind her in second place was the famous “Queen of Germany”, Lady Gaga, owned by Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster from Essen.

The moment of surprise for the sisters Tönjes from Hude seemed to last forever! They followed the success story of their Red and White Cow Eisköniging (sired by Sacarno) with wide open eyes. First, she easily won her class. She then scored first place in her division, thanks to her fantastic, nicely textured udder, her conformation traits and her strong dairy type. Successful cow GHH Marie (sired by Talent 2 and owned by Kastens GbR from Stuhr), who is well known in Europe, came in second right behind her. Judge Uhrig was impressed by this well-balanced cow with her clean, refined leg bones and her udder showing large milk veins.

Champions Among Themselves

Before the overall Champion of all six breeds, the “Supreme Champion”, was selected another highlight of the event took place. The Grand Champion of the Black and Red Holsteins was chosen! After listening to judge Uhrig’s comments it came as no surprise that FG Natalie was the undefeated Champion of the Red and White Holsteins. She definitely presented herself from her best side at the final line-up between Specialred and Eiskönigin.

The most well-rounded cow of the day, Alessja, was in no way inferior to her Red and White counterpart. She was selected as the Grand Champion among the Black and White Holsteins. Judge Markus Mock described her as the most promising cow for international show success and also as the cow with the best udder traits of the day. Alessja and her owner Jake Lohmöller were showered in champagne during the award ceremony, but the celebration didn’t last too long, as the next and probably biggest highlight of the event was coming up – the selection of the Champion of all breeds!

The six representatives of the breeds Jersey, Rotvieh, Braunvieh, Fleckvieh as well as Red and White Holsteins and Black and White Holsteins entered the show ring one after another. A murmur went through the crowd. Never before had all these different breeds been in the same show ring together. THL Prinzessin, Rana, Fuchsi, Blüte, FG Natalie and Loh TJ Alessja were critically assessed by all four judges (Andrea Uhrig, Markus Mock, Ernst Grabner und Thomas Hannen). The final decision was made pretty quickly and bubbles were coming down over the beautiful “Supreme Champion” Alessja and her overjoyed owner Jake.

Winner of the Progeny Presentation

This year’s progeny presentation was rather short and compact, as fewer daughters per bull were presented than in previous years. MASTERRIND presented daughters of their bull Beart in their 3rd and 4th lactation, something you don’t get to see every day! These cows did not fail to impress the spectators with their excellent feet and legs and their strong dairy type. Beart reliably passes these traits on to his daughters. In addition, Puma MR’s offspring was presented at the event. His daughters have firmly attached and nicely textured udders. Puma MR’s bloodlines are rather unusual (Enforcer x Cameron x Planet).

In the end, Gisela, a cow that is in her 3rd lactation, sired by Beart and owned by Uwe Schriefer from Ilienworth, won the progeny presentation.


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