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Higher Efficiency through polled genetics

Save time and increase animal welfare

The use of polled genetics can be an excellent solution for today’s dairy farmers all around the globe. On the one hand, the stressful management task of dehorning calves will be reduced or even eliminated and, on the other hand, dehorning as a primary concern of consumer groups can be avoided.

What happens when polled genetics is used?

In practice, it means that all offspring of homozygous (PP) sires will be polled. For heterozygous Polled sires (Pp), half of the offspring will be polled from dams that have no polled genes (pp), and three-fourths will be polled if the dams are heterozygous (Pp) for polled.

Great polled genetics available

MASTERRIND offers a large and diverse number of high quality homozygous or heterozygous polled sires so you do not have to compromise on other traits and worry too much about inbreeding. Furthermore, our German clients have used the polled genetics successfully for several years and the demand particularly for homozygous polled sires increases as there is simply no dehorning needed anymore in the daily commercial herd management. Read about their good experiences with Polled sires as well as the best strategy and expected herd benefits related to Polled genetics in our special flyer.
Take your chance on polled genetics for your own barn! Besides the already popular homozygous polled bulls HAGGAI PP, HOBBIT PP, PAN RED PP, HOTBULL PP or MERIAN PP, you will find even more interesting polled bulls from MASTERRIND here!