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Impressive Sodan Daughter Group at the HHH Show

As a key part of the busy European Show calendar a lot of people attended this year’s HHH Show in Zwolle 2018, Holland. The overall cow quality was impressive and the atmosphere unbelievable. The booth of our distributor Masterrind Holland BV was well attended since an early daughter group of the popular Red Snow RF son, Sodan Red, was displayed. Sodan Red was already popular as a genomic sire and this group of 6 young cows demonstrated once again that MASTERRRIND genetics works. The Sodan Red daughters are strong healthy cows with good feet and legs and phenomenal udders who can also suit robot milking systems. The uniform group in the ring demonstrated that they do track very well on parallel legs with clear bones and a steep foot angle. Overall they are really balanced cows and the comments from visitors and customers after the show were very positive. MASTERRIND takes the chance to thank the breeders/owners of these fine young cows and also the crew who has done a great job of preparing them.



Furthermore MASTERRIND genetics was also well represented in the Holstein classes. For example daughters of one of the most popular Red and White sires, Jotan Red, like Heerenbrink Coba 3002 or Heerenbrink Perk Rae P stood both second in their classes. Welland Geertje 458, sired by the MASTERRIND bull KHW Elm-Park Acme RDC, became Reserve Grand Champion Red Holstein. The Grand Champion Holstein was like last year, the popular Bons-Holsteins Koba 219  EX-91 (S. Lauthority x Damion).


Welland Geertje (V. Acme RF)
Reserve Grand Champion Red Holsteins Welland Geertje (V. Acme RF)
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