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Jameson – ‘He makes the cow that dairy farmers are looking for!’

Solid milk yields, high components, top udders, below average frame, easy calvings, high longevity, above average metabolic stability, and strong health. If commercial dairy farmers could create a bull themselves, he would look like this, or at least similar. Indeed, there are several sires in the branch that breed for this type of profile. But there are few that realise these specifications as precisely as Germany’s new Nr.5 daughter-proven sire: Veenhuizer Jameson: A top-star without airs and graces.

Author: Stephan Schneider, Holstein International

It was not as though one did not trust the high breeding values, but it was difficult to truly evaluate the young Jetset son Jameson when he began his career at Masterrind. With the Doorman son Jetset as his sire and his dam Veenhuizer Balisto Nelize from the Neblina branch of the Tui Onyx Nick family, he had a pedigree combination that Germany had little experience with. In total, there were not even 10 Jetset sons that went to AI studs. Jameson was by far the highest of hem, but still did not count among the absolute best in the country. But Jameson quickly found supporters. Particularly the combination of high milk production with strong components, impressive fitness values and a captivating conformation attracted dairy farmers. Also, the fact that he bred for only an average frame size fit well with the times. Jameson’s popularity did not remain limited to just Germany.

833199 Jameson
The Jetset son Jameson made his debut in December at Nr.5 on the German RZG top-list. With 132 for RZE (conformation) and 140 for udder, he is by far the best conformation sire within the daughterproven top-100 in Germany.



The now more than 3,000 registered offspring are spread across a total of 12 countries where the allrounder is used. That Jameson had astounding potential was recognized at Masterrind after the first calves were born. While he was never  specifically paired with the best families, he delivered scores of calves that were noteworthy for exceeding 150 RZG. Though Jameson was not officially a sire of sons, there were nonetheless 8 sons that ended up at various German and international AI studs on the basis of the good genomic results. Several of his daughters also achieved bull dam status. Not even two years after the birth of the first calves, Jameson debuted at Nr.5 on the German top-list in December. He confirmed his overall genomic level and he confirmed his exceptional status as a component sire, fitness expert and conformation specialist. His popularity, which had never really diminished, has been reaching new heights since the December evaluations.

BW Marshall Neblina VG-87 (Mara-Thon BW Marsahll) > Veenhuizer Nemo VG-85 (Mascol) > Veenhuizer Nelleke VG-87 (Long-Langs Oman Oman) > Veenhuizer K&L Nelize (De-Su 11236 Balisto) > Veenhuizer K&L Jameson (Jetset)
Overview Jameson, source: Holstein International
Overview Jameson, source: Holstein International

World class

Stefan Kallaß, who among other things at Masterrind is responsible for the inspection of daughters from their own top bulls, explains to us in few words what he thinks of Jameson. ‘Jameson is a sire who meets the requirements of the day perfectly. His outstanding values for conformation and udder in combination with an RZG of 152 are really unmatched. In Delta-Lambda I only know of one bull worldwide who achieves similar values on a daughter-proven basis.’ If Kallaß, who is known for his sober, objective evaluations, says something like that, there must be something to it. ‘Jameson already surprised us with the genomic results from his early daughters, but now we are really convinced by him,’ he continues. ‘The special thing is that while he has outstanding numbers for individual traits, he is still a true allrounder. He is really a fit for every farm. Above all, the fact that he does not breed for too much size but rather for good milk type, positive strength and rump width, makes him interesting for commercial dairy farmers. One negative in his linear, the posty rear legs, was not something that I was able to pick up on in the daughters that I saw. We are excited to see how his breeding values develop with an increasing number of daughters. Overall, his daughters move on a very straight, fine foundation with very good depth of heel. However, the absolute gem is the udder with well above-average texture and very high, strong attachment. Indeed, Jameson is a real top sire!’