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MASTERRIND April Sire Summary 2019

The April 2019 Sire Summary was outstanding for MASTERRIND and has brought a larger number of exciting new graduates particular to the top of the German genomic rankings. Three MASTERGEN sires leading the Black & White genomic Top list while 20 more bulls out of the German Top 50 originating also from MASTERRIND underline our position as Germany’s Premier Holstein breeding program.

With the April 2019 proof release, Germany has made some important improvements in its breeding value estimation system. This includes a change in the RZM formula towards Butterfat, the adjustment to a mixed reference population featuring bulls and cows plus the introduction of five new selection traits for cow health. These include the four main indices for udder health (RZudderfit), hoof health (RZhoof), cow reproduction (RZrepro) and metabolism stability (RZmetabol) which are combined into a new German Total Health Index (RZHealth), allowing a more precise selection in all areas of animal health.

The genetic base for the relative breeding values was also updated in April by -2.6 RZG (Total Merit) points, -1.4 RZM (Production) points and -2.0 RZE (Type) points on average for each Black & White Holstein bull. All the improvements and amendments led to some expected changes in the gEBV’s and need to be considered when comparing the German April 2019 with the December 2018 figures.

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Despite these important changes in Germany, a larger number of MASTERPROVEN sires maintained or even exceeded their last genetic data in multiple areas. This is particular noteworthy as several of these sires received information from a larger number of additional daughters.

Puma MR(S. Enforcer)
Puma MR
(S. Enforcer)

First to name is Progenesis Puma MR (Enforcer x Cameron x Planet) from the Muranda Oscar Lucinda family who climbed up ten places into #14 position of the German Top RZG ranking list in April, still at 141 RZG (TPI 2309). He significantly gained in the type index RZE (+6 points) due to a strong increase mainly for feet & legs (+11 points) and udders (+4 points). In combination with his outcross pedigree, his incredible daughter fertility score (RZR 123) and being a carrier of the A2A2 genotype for Beta-Casein, Puma MR is truly a great all-round talent among MASTERRIND’s top proven line-up.



Kathrysha VG-85
Kathrysha VG-85
(S. Baldur)

Another big winner in April is our leading Balisto son, KNS Baldur (Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man), who moved up 17 places penetrating into the German Top-25, now with an Total Merit Index of RZG 139 (TPI 2430). Baldur hails from the successful cow family of the popular Jocko Besne daughter Radieuse EX-91 and gained particularly in the production traits by adding more than 2,000 daughters for production. His large, uniform daughter group presented at the Schau der Besten in February underlined the fact that he sires medium-stature, feminine dairy cows, with great chest width, a fine bone quality plus high quality udders, wide in the rear, with a good texture and longer teats. Baldur has already become a customer satisfaction bull as his cows work well in all kind of free-stall environments.



Bull photo of Rodger
(S. Robust)

For those looking for an alternative pedigree, different to the many Mogul & Balisto sons in Germany, MASTERRIND offers Rodger (Robust x Shottle x Rudolph), Germany’s #1 Robust son who did held strong in the German Top ranking list (#30) at RZG 138 (2343 TPI), still with a great, highly reliable longevity score of RZN 129 (PL 5.2)! Rodger breeds low stature, strong, healthy cows, fitting large free-stall environments in particular which is confirmed by his new Total Health Index of 111.



Benwood P
Benwood P
(S. Balisto)

An impressive first debut was given in April by our polled new graduate, Benwood P (Balisto x Epic x Goldwyn), who landed strong with a respectable RZG of 133 (2289 GTPI), making him the #2 proven polled sire in Germany. Benwood P’s third dam is no less than Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET EX-90.  Benwood P sires smaller, robust cows that are milking high solids from shallow-attached udders. On top of that he is BB for Kappa-Casein, A2A2 for Beta-Casein plus he is an easy calving sire.



SHA Nyali P (S. Step Red)
SHA Nyali P
(S. Step Red)
Eloped Red
Eloped Red
(S. Sympatico)

Last rounds big winner Step Red (Sympatico x Observer x Goldwyn) is now claiming the throne for RZG and milk yield among Germany’s Red proven sires at 147 RZG & +2861 milk kg (2332 TPI)! A superb, early debut on the Red proven scene was also made by Stantons Eloped Red (Sympatico x Alchemy x Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88), who did catapult himself not only into #7 position of the German Top ranking list (144 RZG), he is also the #2 Red proven sire on US base with a TPI of 2339!




Anderstrup DG Galico
Anderstrup DG Galico
Granddam to Crownmax

There is a new genomic #1 in Germany, Crownmax (Imax x Profit x Platinum) from the high testing cow family of the popular Freddie daughter, Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-91-CAN 21*. This MASTERGEN bull wears now the crown amongst all German genomic sires with a phenomenal overall Total Merit Index of RZG 165. Our newcomer is also in the lead for fat yield at +107 F-kg in Germany. His pedigree is free of any Balisto blood plus he ranks high on different international scales (PLI 827, NVI 367, GPFT 4334, GTPI 2746). Due to his young age, semen of Crownmax is not yet available.





Summerlake (S. DG Charley)
(S. DG Charley)

Germany’s #1 Charley son, Summerlake (DG Charley x Balisto x Mogul), gains five RZG points this round and catapults from #14 spot to take #2 RZG position this April (RZG 164). He maintains his status as the #1 butterfat bull with semen available at +106 F-kg and combines this with great marks for Total health, longevity, udder health plus superb calving ease (RZHealth 116, RZS 134, NVI 352).




Gywer (S. Gymnast)
(S. Gymnast)

Next in line at #3 RZG is Gywer RDC (Gymnast x Lobach x Snow RF) holding strong besides the base change and remaining consistently as the best out of a longer list of Gymnast sons in Germany. The popular sire of sons from the Dixie-Lee Aspen EX-92 family also achieves to be the #1 Red Carrier bull in Germany and he stays high on all European bases (RZG 163, ICO 4888, PFT 4322, NVI 347).





(S. Topnotch)

With Aardema Topking (Topnotch x Ragen x Lawman) another new MASTERGEN sire ranks among the German Top 15 for RZG in April. Out of the Hartford Manfred Bev family, he offers an alternative pedigree and very complete figures for production, type & fitness (RZG 163, PFT 4299, GTPI 2716).





Bull Topmodel, sired by Topshot
(S. Topshot)
Bull Topstone, sired by Topshot
(S. Topshot)

Last rounds newcomers, Topmodel (Topshot x Silver x Supersire) and Topstone (Topshot x Rubicon x Aikman), remained the #1 and #2 Topshot sons in Germany and have claimed #12 and #15 place on the overall German top list, tied at RZG 158. Both bulls score with top figures for milk solids, overall health plus nice, balanced sire stacks. Furthermore Topmodel is a leading sire for butterfat (+105 Fkg, ISU 198) while Topstone is the #1 sire regarding the new German DDcontrol proof (resistance to mortelaro) with a superb value of 133 plus he is high on international scales (NM$ 900, PLI 749, NVI 342).



(S. Gordon)

The list of new-release German Gordon sons is led by MASTERRIND’s sire of son, Goodlife (Gordon x Missouri x Smurf), whose pedigree traces all the way back to the famous brood cow Sunnylodge Prelude Spottie VG-87. Goodlife transmits high components, great type & udders along with excellent health traits plus he ranks also as #1 genomic sire in France (RZG 156, ISU 227, NVI 366, PFT 4475).




(S. Rockstar)

Shining on the newcomer stage this round is the #1 Rockstar son in Germany, Bomaz Rockstone (Rockstar x Yoder x Embassy), who offers an alternative pedigree and fantastic components plus he can be used to improve strength, rump structure and udder quality (RZG 149, GTPI 2768, CM$ 1000).

(S. Blowtorch)
Pine-Tree 2149 Robst 4846
Pine-Tree 2149 Robst 4846 – Great Granddam to Mr. Future

Especially noteworthy in April is the arrival of the first sons of Blowtorch and Bubba from MASTERRIND. Bongani (Blowtorch x Altaspring x Supersire), from the Weswood Rudolph Missy EX-92 family boosts high milk solids with great overall type & udders (RZE 131, GTPI 2772, PTAT 3.20, UDC 3.05).  Backed by the same cow family comes the component & fitness specialist, Mr. Future (Bubba x Delta x Shan), who can breed low-stature, healthy, fertile cows and who offers the sought after genotype combination of BB for Kappa-Casein and A2A2 for Beta-Casein (RZG 151, NM$ 907, GTPI 2773).



(S. Humblenkind)

Another exciting newcomer is Ladys-Manor Hurricane (Humblenkind x Jedi x Kingboy), who’s strong maternal line goes back to the illustrious Ladys Manor Ruby Jen EX-94. Hurricanes high figures particular on US base include top values for type, fertility & calving ease (GTPI 2764, FI 3.9, SCE 5.5%).




Bull Superday, sired by Superhero
(S. Superhero)
(S. Legendary)

In addition to these newcomers we are proud to announce that our highly awaited sire fathers, Fustead Superday (Superhero x Rubicon x AltaOak) from the Bolton Lucille family (RZG 154 GTPI 2822) and Lenovo (Legendary x Josuper x Mogul) from Robust’s family (RZG 156, GTPI 2808) did hold very strong despite the German base change and will now be officially released to our markets.




Spark Red (S. Salvatore)
Spark Red
(S. Salvatore)

Also freely available is with Spark Red (Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster) the #2 German Salvatore son, who ranks #3 Red genomic sire at the same time. The popular member of the well-known Splendor cow family offers the complete package of production, type and fitness (RZG 157, GTPI 2527).





(S. Argo)

The leading cow family of K-H Durham Altitude EX-95 stands behind our new Argo son, Pargo Red (Argo x Entitle x Supersire), offering that attractive blend of high milk and type (RZG 149, GTPI 2514).





Lino Red P
Lino Red P
(S. Lucky PP)

From the popular Apple family also originates the intriguing polled sire, Dittmansdorf Lino Red P (Lucky PP x Sunfish RF x Sympatico) who perfectly combines great components with high type, health traits & calving ease. Lino Red P ranks also as #1 polled Red sire on US Base (RZG 144, GTPI 2579).





Diplom Red
Diplom Red
(S. Devour)
Blondin Redman Seisme-Red EX-97
4th dam Avatar Red: Blondin Redman Seisme-Red EX-97

New in our show type selection are Diplom Red (Devour x Atwood x Sid) from the O‘Kalibra RDC EX-97 family (RZE 133) and Avatar Red (Army x Awesome x Ladd P) from Seisme Red EX-97 (RZE 141)!