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MASTERRIND April Sire Summary 2020

The April 2020 Sire Summary was outstanding for MASTERRIND and has brought a larger number of exciting new graduates particular to the Top of the German genomic rankings. A great number of popular MASTERPROVEN sires did held firm besides the annual base change while 5 of the TOP 10 and 10 out of the TOP 25 German genomic Black & White sires ranked by Total Merit Index RZG are originating from MASTERRIND which underlines our position as Germany’s Premier Holstein breeding program.



  • KNS BALDUR is up 6 points for RZG despite the base change and landed strong in #4th place with now 7125 milking daughters. He is also the #1 German Balisto son (RZG 149, TPI 2482).
  • Another big winner is Germany’s highest Big Point son, BIG POWER who increased 5 points for RZG based on 1629 daughters. He breeds small stature, functional cows with superb udders.
  • A hot new graduate is WEH GLORYDAY (S. Genestar) going back to the Schleif Southwind Gale EX-90 family, combining great components, body traits and shallow udders (RZG 140, TPI 2438).
  • Our component specialist KINGSLEY already confirmed his outstanding type & udder transmission with an excellent daughter group at the Schau der Besten (RZE 131, TPI 2516, PTAT 2.02).
  • MB MISSAN from the Barbie family gained 4 points for RZG by adding 825 new daughters and confirmed to be Germanys #1 Missouri son for type at RZE 124. A large, uniform daughter group was successfully presented in February at the Schau der Besten (TPI 2513, PTAT 1.87).
  • Vendairy LENDARY up 1 point to RZG 135 due to a nice milk increase of +283 kg (TPI 2443).
  • With KIOTO (RZG 136, TPI 2449) and Heidenskipster KINGMAN (RZG 133, TPI 2412) we offer two, high type Kingboy sons who both boosting a high milk yield, body traits & top udders.
  • ARINO RED stood strong within the German Red Top 10 and offers the unique package of high milk solids, a cow family of excellence and superb type & udder figures (RZE 128, PTAT 1.59).
  • STEP RED is still in pool position at 148 RZG and #3 for TPI (2422) among the Red & White’s.


  • The new #2 bull in Germany at RZG 163 is GENDRY, Germany’s best Garido son from the Lila Z family boosting high milk solids, good udders plus a superior RZHealth (PFT 4682, ICO 4963).
  • His maternal brother, YUKON by Yoda is another hot new graduate transmitting high butterfat from top udders combined with good functional traits (RZG 153, PFT 4385, ICO 4895).
  • Our Top Imax son Hul-Stein CROWNMAX from the Stantons Freddie Cameo family remained in the German Top 10 as outstanding butterfat improver (RZG 160, NVI 315, PLI 698, GTPI 2710).
  • WEH PROMOTION (RZG 160) from the Italian Lidia family and WEH PROXIMO (RZG 159, ICO 4931) both made a remarkable debut as the leading German Prosperous sons this round.
  • Another intriguing newcomer is the #1 Huey son, Plain-Knoll HURLEY out of the full sister to LENOVO (RZG 155), who transmits high milks solids from superb udders (RZG 157, GTPI 2873).
  • With Welcome LEADING (RZG 157, GTPI 2825) and Kings-Ransom LICENSE (RZG 151, GTPI 2848), MASTERRIND offers early sons of Legacy, who both rank particularly high on US base.
  • Our popular flagships TOPMODEL (RZG 154, GTPI 2756, PLI 634, PF 144) and TOPSTONE (RZG 154, GTPI 2774, PLI 722, NVI 274), continue to rank as #1 and #2 German sons of Topshot and excel with great figures on German base as well as many international scales.
  • Genesland BELLROY (RZG 157, NVI 321, NTM 39) and the newcomer WEH BENZKO (RZG 156, GTPI 2749) are leading the pack of high-quality Benz sons available from MASTERRIND.
  • Our homozygous offering is complemented by 2 elite Hotspot sons, HAGGAI PP (RZG 149) and HOTBULL PP (RZG 147), who both offer the perfect casein combination of BB and A2/A2.
  • With GRANDO RED grabs our early GYWER RDC son the German crown among the Red rankings at RZG 165!
  • In 5th & 10th place rank our new sons from Spark-Red, SPEEDY RED (RZG 154) and SAM RED P (RZG 153). Last is also #2 Red & Polled sire on US Base (GTPI 2595).
  • Ptit Coeur Doorman DARLINGO (RZE 142) and NH SOLITO RED (RZE 145) continue to rank as #1 Type sire each among the German Black White Holsteins and the Red & White Holsteins, respectively.