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MASTERRIND August Sire Summary 2019

MASTERRIND had again a very successful August 2019 Sire Summary and continues to offer numerous breed leaders, both proven and genomic, plus many high-ranking new graduates with the required diversity of pedigrees helping to improve the genetic superiority and efficiency of our client’s herds.

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Baldur (S. Balisto)
(S. Balisto)

Last rounds big winner, KNS Baldur (Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man), moved up again 6 places right into the German Top-20 for Total Merit Index based on almost 5000 milking daughters (RZG 142, TPI 2418). The customer favorite bull is well accepted due to making nice dairy cows, with great strength, a fine bone quality plus fancy udders, wide in the rear, with good venation plus desirably longer teats.




Rosi (S. Bestboss)
(S. Bestboss)

Another winner in August is our popular Boss son, RR Bestboss (Boss x VG-88 Maxim x EX-90 Shottle), who gained 3 points for production (RZM) and 2 points for Total Merit Index RZG, based on a strong daughter performance. He descents from the famous Broeks MBM Elsa family and makes well-balanced, free-stall cows with great strength, optimal rumps and quality udders (137 RZG, 2364 TPI).





WEH Jenna (S. Beatstick)
WEH Jenna
(S. Beatstick)

A big increase was also made by Wendland Holsteins Beatstick (Balisto x Gold Chip x Billion) from the successful Italian cow family of Bersaglio HF Qualsiasi. The complete package bull Beatstick climbed 3 points each for production (RZM), Total Merit Index (RZG 135) and longevity (RZN 133) plus he ranks now also as the #1 Balisto son for overall type in the German Top 100 list at RZE 127.




DW Isabella (S. Kingman)
DW Isabella
(S. Kingman)

If it comes to good type, have a look at our newly proven Kingboy son, Heidenskipster Kingman (Kingboy x Gerard x Shottle), who hails from the well-known family of Morningview Converse Judy EX-93. Kingman offers a nice blend of production, type, positive fitness and health traits plus he carries both favorable casein genotypes BB and A2A2. Germany’s #1 Kingboy son is best used to improve milk, body traits plus overall udder quality (RZE 127, Udder 132, TPI 2340, 2.53 PTAT, 2.34 UDC).





Rodger (S. Robust)
(S. Robust)

For modern commercial breeders looking for functional conformation and efficiency, Wendland Holstein Genestar (Genesis x Dorcy x Goldwyn x Shottle) (RZG 139, RZN 134, RZhealth 112) and Rodger (Robust x Shottle x Rudolph) (RZG 139, RZN 131, RZhealth 114), remain perfect choices among the German Top 35 for RZG in August. Both bulls making low stature, strong, healthy cows, and have gained in Total Merit Index & longevity this round while consistently adding more daughters.




Mallis (S. Bellarabi)
(S. Bellarabi)

Also noteworthy among the best MASTERPROVEN sires is Germany’s #1 Banesto son, Bellarabi (Banesto x Epic x Billion) from the family of Fly-Higher Oman Stutter EX-90, making a huge increase in milk production (+369 kg milk) as well as gaining 14 points for daughter fertility (RZG 131, RZR 115).





SHA Nyali (S. Step Red)
SHA Nyali
(S. Step Red)
Caramia (S. Sunny Red)
(S. Sunny Red)

The worlds leading Red milk sire, Step Red (Sympatico x Observer x Goldwyn), is not just defending the Red Throne for RZG among Germany’s Red proven sires, he significantly gained another 5 points for production plus 4 points for overall type, arriving at incredible 152 RZG (+2859 kg milk, 2342 TPI). His full brother Sunny Red held strong in #5 place at RZG 141 with high milk & great type (RZE 130).




Last rounds big winner, Stantons Eloped Red (Sympatico x Alchemy x Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88), remained in the German Top 10 for Red proven sires, boosting high milk from functional udders plus he offers positive health traits all across the board along with easy calving (RZG 134, TPI 2318). Step Red & Stantons Eloped Red do rank as #3 & #4 Red proven sires, respectively, also on US base!


Elio Red P (S. Esperado P)
Elio Red P
(S. Esperado P)

A remarkable, first proven debut was given by Misnia Holsteins Elio Red P (Esperado P x Ladd P x Mitey P x Talent x 2 times Supreme Champion WDE, Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97), landing at #34 place in the German Top-ranking list at 128 RZG & 125 RZE. The polled bull breeds tall, strong, dairy cows showing a good slope from hip to pins and well attached udders with a good texture plus longer teats.




Kosima (S. Soko Red)
(S. Soko Red))
Sodan Red (S. Snow RF)
Sodan Red
(S. Snow RF)

The proven Red offering from MASTERRIND is complemented by our popular Snow RF sons, Soko Red (Snow RF x Gerard x Mr. Burns) and Sodan Red (Snow RF x Fidelity x Shottle), who both are good All-around sires and offer the sought-after casein genotype combination BB and A2A2. While Soko Red from a strong German cow family perfectly combines milk production, type & longevity (RZG 129, RZE 128) breeds Sodan Red, who is another great descendent from the Dutch Massia family, good components, type & udder quality plus he is a calving ease bull (RZG 125, RZE 123, TPI 2062).





Crownmax (S. Imax)
(S. Imax)

Our former genomic #1 in Germany, Crownmax (Imax x Profit x Platinum), held strong & remained within the Top 5, tight at third position with a Total Merit Index of RZG 163. The elite sire of sons from the family of Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90 ranks also among the top bulls on many international scales (PLI 851, NVI 388, PFT 4248, ICO 4869) so his now free available semen is in high demand.




Hickorymea Opine (S. Manoman)
Hickorymea Opine
(S. Manoman), 5th dam Bellroy

The headlines in August are made by the arrival of an outstanding group of newly released Benz sons from MASTERRIND. The highest of these is Bellroy (Benz x Finder x Racer x Epic), the #1 Benz son in Germany, who debuts at 160 RZG with high milk solids, superb type and outstanding health traits. Bellroy hails from the cow family of the famous brood cow, Hickorymea Manoman Opine-P EX-90 and will be used as sire of sons at MASTERRIND & in several international programs (NVI 409, ISU 206).




Benwick (S. Benz)
(S. Benz)

Our new genomic graduate Benwick (Benz x Supershot x Maurice) from Shamrock’s family debuts strong as the second highest Benz son in Germany. Benwick boosts exceptional values for produc-tion, type, udders, longevity & all major health traits (RZG 160, RZE 133, GTPI 2726, 4847 ICO, ISU 198).





Lenovo (S. Legendary)
(S. Legendary)

Germany’s #1 Legendary son, Lenovo (Legendary x Josuper x Mogul) gains incredible 4 RZG points this round (+117 kg milk) and penetrates the German Top 20 in August. The elite sire of sons hails from Robust’s family & ranks still well on several international scales (RZG 159, GTPI 2744, NVI 387).





Franky (S. Frazzled)
(S. Frazzled)

With WH Franky (Frazzled x Kerrigan x Balisto) MASTERRIND released Germany’s top Frazzled son, who landed strong at RZG 155 and GTPI 2754 on US base. Franky’s type shows that he breeds low stature, strong cows with top udders combining that with high marks for butterfat & fitness (NM$ 949).





Topstone (S. Topshot)
(S. Topshot)

Another highlight is the increase of Germany’s leading Topshot son, Topstone (Topshot x Rubicon x Aikman), who has seen a 4-point rise in production & 2 points for Total Merit Index, claiming now #12 position at 160 RZG in Germany. Topstone is a true health trait leader at RZhealth of 120 and his 7th dam is Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 who produced over 160.000kg milk (PLI 794, GTPI 2757).





Skyscraper (S. Skywallker)
Stantons Skyscraper
(S. Skywalker)
Skytracker (S. Skywalker)
Bomaz Skytracker
(S. Skywalker)

The major news, however, is the arrival of MASTERRIND’s early Skywalker sons. First to name is Stantons Skyscraper (Skywalker x Flagship x Delta x Numero Uno) from the cow family of Ri-Val-Re Super Nadine VG-87 who did grab the #1 position among Skywalker sons in Germany. Skyscraper sports high milk & butterfat from superb udders and ranks also well on US base (RZG 156, 906 NM$).
Second to name is Bomaz Skytracker (Skywalker x Delta x Embassy) at 154 RZG who breeds low stature cows with a fine bone quality and super udders. Skytracker complements that with top figures for health and calving traits & offers elite marks also on North American base (GTPI 2800, NM$ 1003).



Hurricane (S. Humblenkind)
Ladys Manor Hurricane
(S. Humblenkind)

After his strong debut in April, Ladys-Manor Hurricane (Humblenkind x Jedi x Kingboy) from the well-known cow family of Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94, did held firm and continues to offer that unique package of high production and exceptional fertility combined with calving ease as well as the sought after casein genotype combination BB & A2A2 (RZG 150, RZR 128, GTPI 2719, DPR 3.3, SCE 5.4%).





Gywer RDC (S. Gymnast)
Gywer RDC
(S. Gymnast)
MS Atlees Ariel (S. Goldwyn)
MS Atlees Ariel
(S. Goldwyn) 5th dam Gregor

Gywer RDC (Gymnast x Lobach x Snow RF) and Gregor (Gymnast x Altaspring x Liquid Gold) are truly standing out of a long list of Gymnast sons in Germany. While Gywer RDC defended easily to be the #1 Red Carrier bull in Germany at an incredible proof level of RZG 160 (ICO 5085, PFT 4310, PLI 714), did Gregor catapult himself into #2 position for total conformation at 142 RZE, right behind the long-time, undisputed type leader, Ptit Coeur Doorman Darlingo (Doorman x DH Gold Chip Dar-ling EX95-2E, EX-96 MS), at RZE 144. Gregor’s type & udder power are no surprise as his 5th dam is the famous MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92, the full sister of Atwood and Golden Dreams (Udder 140).


Ptit Gold Chip Darling EX-95
Ptit Gold Chip Darling
EX-95 MS EX-96


Soundbar (S. Sounds System)
KNS Soundbar
(S. Sound System)

Another new star arrival that landed strong at RZG 153 is KNS Soundbar (Sound System x Rubicon x Mc Cutchen) from the family of Ammon Farms Mac Classic EX-92. Soundbar is one of the most complete Sound System sons in Europe and ranks well on many scales (GTPI 2719, PFT 4147, PLI 694).





Rock On (S. Rock Star)
Rock On
(S. Rock Star)

Looking for an alternative pedigree; then Matcrest Rock On (Rockstar x Racer x Day x Jeeves) should draw your instant attention. He transmits high production and exceptional health traits particu-larly for daughter conception and udder health plus he is a calving ease sire (RZG 158, GTPI 2647).





Spark Red (S. Salvatore RDC)
Spark Red
(S. Salvatore RDC)
Solito Red (S. Salvatore RDC)
Solito Red
(S. Salvatore RDC)

While DG Col Spark Red (Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster) from the Splendor family confirmed to be the #3 Red genomic sire at RZG 156 (GTPI 2507), dominate MASTERRIND’s Red type specialists the type ranking in Germany. The leader with 149 RZE is NH Solito Red (Salvatore x Atwork x Detox) from the famous cow family of Kamps-Hollow Altitude RC EX-95 …




Dunboy Red (S. Drake Red)
Dunboy Red
(Drake Red)
Avatr Red (S. Army)
Avatar Red
(S. Army)

…followed by Dunboy Red (Drake Red x Olympian x Dakker) at 143 RZE and spectacular 160 (!) for udders. In 4th place sits the highly anticipated HH Avatar Red (Army x Awesome x Ladd P x Seisme Red EX-97) whose VG-87 dam, Special Red, just won Junior Red Champion at the German Dairy Show in Oldenburg (RZE 141, PTAT 3.00)!




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