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MASTERRIND December Sire Summary 2018

MASTERRIND once again had an excellent December 2018 Sire Summary and continues to offer numerous breed leaders, both proven and genomic, plus various high ranking new graduates helping to improve the genetic superiority and overall efficiency of our customers herds. The dominance on all German Top lists underlines yet again our position as Germany’s Premier Holstein Breeding program. MASTERPROVEN MASTERGEN


Harvey (V. Hunter)
(S. Hunter)
Right in the spotlight is Vissstein Harvey (Hunter x Superstition x Juwel), who moved up from 3rd  place into the position as the breed leader in Germany for both, Total Merit Index (RZG 153) & production (RZM 151), thanks to the outstanding production performance of his daughters (+2260 kg of Milk).        
Rosi<br>(S. Bestboss)
(S. Bestboss)
Our highest debuting proven graduate in December is Germanys #1 Boss son, Bondial (Boss x Beacon x Ramos) from the deep US family of Don-Sher Mark Mae Marki EX-92. Bondial boosts high components, functional type, good daughter fertility plus he is an easy calving sire (RZG 144, TPI 2405). The third highest son of Boss in Germany is RR Bestboss (Boss x VG-88 Maxim x EX-90 Shottle) who debuts on the Top list in #27 position at a Total Merit Index of 140 RZG (2371 TPI). The member of the illustrious Broeks MBM Elsa cow family is already popular for making well-balanced, profitable free-stall cows with lots of dairy strength, wide, perfectly sloped rumps and strongly attached udders.  
Puma MR<br>(S. Enforcer)
Puma MR
(S. Enforcer)
Of the high, newly proven bulls this round, Progenesis Puma MR (Enforcer x Cameron x Planet), takes immediate attention as he jumps with RZG 141 and a slightly different sire stack right into the German Top 25 for Total Merit Index (#24). Puma MR offers nice figures all across the board and traces back to the former world record production cow, Muranda Oscar Lucinda (TPI 2279, 239 NVI).      
Romy (S. Rodger)
Our exciting Robust son Rodger (Robust x Shottle x Rudolph) takes once more a jump up on the German Top ranking list and landed strong at remarkable RZG 141 in December. With an incredible increase of +9 points for longevity, now at RZN 134 (!), Rodger clearly demonstrates that his medium-sized, black daughters do last under all kind of management conditions. They continue to gain strength and depth in 2nd lactation and milk strong from highly functional udders (TPI 2340, VEG 576).    
Daughter photo of bull Mikkel: Eva
(S. Mikkel)
Last rounds big winner Mikkel (Mixer x Supersire x Shottle) gained another 2 points for Total Merit Index up to 135 RZG by adding 57 new daughters for production and 18 daughters for type. The appealing Mixer son from the cow family of Berryridge Shottle 1270-ET EX-92 also gained 3 points each for longevity and udder health underlining the fact, that customers will benefit from good milk and fat out of healthy, well balanced dairy cows with great body traits and snug attached udders (TPI 2393).    
Lendary daughter Lilli GP-84
Lendary daughter Lilli GP-84
Our impressive newcomer from August, Vendairy Lendary (Let it Snow x Bookem x Bolton), added another 275 daughters for production and 91 daughters for type this round losing somewhat on production but gaining +7 points on overall conformation particularly in feet & legs (+9 points) and udders (+6 points). Germany’s #2 son of Let it Snow from the world-renowned cow family of Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 not only offers nice components, great type & udders but he is also a high sire fertility bull plus he carries the sought after BB genotype for Kappa-Casein (TPI 2404, 503 VEG, ISU 171).    
Ampel (S. Force)
Our popular flagships like Heidenskipster Beart (RZG 134, RZE 132) or Weelder Special Force (RZG 142, RZM 135), received once again 869 and 715 additional daughters, respectively for production & remained relatively unchanged among the German Top high reliable proven sires in December.      
Step Red (S. Sympatico)
Step Red
(S. Sympatico)
A fantastic debut on the Red proven scene was made by Step Red (Sympatico x Observer x Goldwyn). This already popular Sympatico son did catapult himself into #2 (!) position of the German Top ranking list (144 RZG) thanks to an unbelievable milk performance of his early daughters (+2625 kg), making him the world leader for milk production among Red Holsteins on all international scales (TPI 2355, NVI 272, ISU 184). This great success is rounded up by the #5 place of his full brother Sunny Red, both from the famous Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious *RC EX-94 family, thanks to a perfect balance of high production, good type, desirable health traits and easy calving (RZG 137, TPI 2201).    
Pero Red<br>(S. Perfect Aiko)
Pero Red
(S. Perfect Aiko)
Another hot newcomer is Pero Red P (Perfect Aiko x Lawn Boy x September) from the Rudolph Zip family at RZG 127 (1955 TPI, 154 ISU) who can improve body traits, components & udders all at once.



Top genomic bull: Greatboy (V. Gymnast)
(S. Gymnast)
MASTERRIND offers once more the new genomic #1 in Germany, the Gymnast son Greatboy (Gymnast x Balisto x Numero Uno), who is another exciting descendent from the cow family of Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92. Greatboy transmits high components, superb udders & phenomenal fitness plus he reaches sire of son’s status for numerous Holstein programs (RZG 163, PLI 754, ISU 207).      
Gywer (S. Gymnast)
(S. Gymnast)
The previous leader Gywer RDC (Gymnast x Lobach x Snow RF) slips in rank to #2 position this round while showing still an amazing proof level at RZG 163 ! The sire father Gywer RDC remains Top on all European scales (ICO 4884, PFT 4481, ISU 207, PLI 714, NVI 331) plus he is the #1 Red Carrier bull in Germany and also the best young bull whose pedigree excludes any Bookem bloodlines.      
Bull Gin Tonic (S. Gymnast)
Gin Tonic
(S. Gymnast)
Bull Granito (S. Gymnast)
(S. Gymnast)
Other Top ranking Gymnast sons from MASTERRIND boosting high milk solids from quality udders include Gin Tonic (Gymnast x Shep x Balisto) (#7 at RZG 161) from the Coyne-Farms Ramos Jelly family or Lis Granito (Gymnast x Silver x AltaOak) (#20 at RZG 159) out of the full sister to the highly popular MASTERGEN sire, Lis Souki. Lis Granito is not only a very complete package bull in Germany, he also ranks exceptionally well on many international scales (GTPI 2737, PFT 4192, ISU 209).    
Bull Intercity, sired by Imax
(S. Imax)
With Intercity (Imax x Doorsopen x Balisto) MASTERRIND offers the highest German Imax son this round, who gave an excellent debut by penetrating the German Top 20 at #16 position with 159 RZG. Intercity sports highest milk & butterfat from fantastic udders along with great overall fitness (ISU 210).        
Bestday (S. Bestboss)
(S. Bestboss)
Our already popular Bestboss son, Bestday (Bestboss x Balisto x Emerald) from the Wilcoxview Rudi Cali family remains strong in the German Top 15 at 160 RZG, offering very complete proof figures for production, type & fitness while also ranking high on some other European scales (PLI 746, VEG 636).        
Bull Topmodel, sired by Topshot
(S. Topshot)
Bull Topstone, sired by Topshot
(S. Topshot)
Drawing particular attention is Topmodel (Topshot x Silver Supersire), the #1 German son of AltaTopshot hailing back to the famous brood cow, Poly-Kow Winchester Bobbi EX-91. Topmodel is truly a component specialist who combines that with great marks for overall type and udders (RZG 157). Germany’s second highest AltaTopshot son is the intriguing butterfat improver Topstone (AltaTopshot x Rubicon x Aikman) from the Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 family. Topstone’s high figures leave nothing to be desired on many international scales (RZG 155, GTPI 2769, NVI 323, PFT 4161).    
Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah, Granddam to Lenovo
Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah
Granddam to Lenovo
The major news, however is the arrival of our Legendary son, Lenovo (Legendary x Josuper x Mogul) from Robust’s family, who debuts at spectacular 1022 NM$ and 2866 GTPI on North American base. This bread leader ranks at the same time as #1 Legendary son in Germany with an impressive 156 RZG and will surely receive greatest attention as sire of sons worldwide (NVI 335, ISU 200, VEG 676).        
Bull Superday, sired by Superhero
(S. Superhero)
Bull Superjet, sired by Superhero
Still leading the pack of MASTERRIND’s Top ranking Superhero sons from high profile cow families are Fustead Superday (Superhero x Rubicon x AltaOak), the leader on US base with outstanding 2833 GTPI (RZG 154) and Superjet (Superhero x Balisto x Numero Uno), who ranks highest on German Base at 157 RZG. The unique sire father Superday is a descendant of the Glen-Toctin Bolton Lucille EX-90 family while the component leader Superjet is superbly bred from the Rudolph Missy’s.     In addition to the Superhero sons we are proud to announce that our highly anticipated Pace Red sons are entering the scene including Palast RDC (Pace Red x Penmanship x MVP), an attractive Red Carrier from the renowned Shottle Marbella family (RZG157, 309 NVI). Another appealing Pace Red son is the Red sire Pasco Red (Pace Red x Battlecry x Brekem), who originates from the famous Wilder Kanu cow family. Pasco Red landed strong in #8 place of the German Red &White genomic rankings offering an attractive blend of high milk, type, calving ease & Robot ready udders (RZG 155). Also noteworthy is the high milk sire, Parino Red (Pace Red x Damaris x Supersire), who hails all the way back to the legendary brood cow, Kamps Hollow Durham Altitude EX-95 (RZG 154, GTPI 2441).
Avance Red (S. Apprentice)
Avance Red
(S. Apprentice)
Bull Solito Red, sired by Salvatore
Solito Red
(S. Salvatore)
This prominent cow family also developed our Red Type specialists, Kenmore Avance Red (Apprentice x Delta x Mc Cutchen) (GTPI 2648, RZE 137, PTAT 2.67), Red Hot (Kimball x Supersire x Alchemy) (GTPI 2539, 2.28 PTAT) & NH Solito Red (Salvatore x Atwork x Detox). Solito Red ranks not only as Germany’s #1 Red type bull, he is also the #1 Type sire in the UK (RZE 146, UK 3.51, PTAT 2.35).       If you are looking for excellent type with a slightly different pedigree, don’t miss out on Dunboy Red (Drake Red x Olympian x Dakker), who ranks as #3 Red conformation sire at 142 RZE and spectacular 154 for Udders. Our illustrious group of world-class confirmation sires also includes the Diamondback son, Loh Dice Red (RZE 137, 3.48 PTAT, ITP 145) or Germany’s repeated type leader, Ptit Coeur Doorman Darlingo (Doorman x DH Gold Chip Darling EX95-2E) at RZE 147 and PTAT 2.97!
Bull Lui Red, sired by Apoll P
Lui Red
(S. Apoll P)
Two new MASTERGEN sires, Pan Red PP (Powerful P x Apoll P x Kanu P) from the Splendor family & Lui Red PP (Apoll P x Kanu P x Balisto) out of the great Barbie’s are taking #1 and #3 place of the German Red Top rankings for homozygous Polled bulls this round at RZG 152 and 146, respectively.
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