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MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE AUCTION: Duffy Rocks the Exhibition Hall!

Wednesday afternoon, February 27th 2019, the visitors of the MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE AUCTION entered the elegantly decorated arena of the Niedersachsenhalle while listening to the soothing sounds of the saxophone. Cattle breeders from all over the world came to the event. The visitors, representing 25 different countries and all German federal states, were not left disappointed by this special event! Those that showed up late did not get a seat and had to stand, that’s how crowded it was! The previous visitor number record was easily broken this year. Observers said there were close to 4,000 visitors in total.

Queen of the Night in the Auction Ring

Pedigree reader Torben Melbaum’s promises lived up to expectations. He addressed the audience directly with the words “What else could you possibly want?”. He was right, there really is nothing left to be desired when it comes to Duffy, sired by Redrock and bred by the Strasburger Landbetriebsgesellschaft from Bremervörde. She truly is the “Queen of the Night” and the absolute highlight of the event. Duffy is one unique animal with outstanding breeding values according to the American, Canadian, Italian and German system. Never before was a cow like Duffy sold in Europe. Her bidders were very determined and were fighting a close duel. In the end a buyer from Saxony purchased Duffy for the outstanding price of 34,000 Euros.

Highly Popular Polled Cattle

Werner Kues from Bad Bentheim brought a real gem to Verden with KUH Best Wish PP, sired by Batch-P. This shiny black cow is particularly interesting due to the combination of being polled, her excellent breeding values and her slightly out of the ordinary pedigree. Best Wish truly leaves nothing to be desired. She was sold to a breeder from Brandenburg for an incredible 28,000 Euros.

Cattle breeders that want to be most up to date invest in polled animals that have interesting breeding values according to important international systems. A breeder from the Netherlands did just that by purchasing Basic, sired by Hotspot P, for 27,000 Euros. Basic is a “door-opener” when it comes to breeding polled cattle. She did not fail to impress at the auction with her high French breeding values and her red factor.

Stars on the Catwalk

Israel, sired by MASTERRIND sire Lightstar, was certainly the star of the event on the red catwalk. This chic cow of excellent dairy type descends from the breeding farm Ekkel in Ittbeck. She has outstanding French breeding values. Israel was purchased by a buyer from the Netherlands for 21,000 Euros. WSH Padawan Lucy, bred by the Wiechering-Sudmann KG in Diepholz, was sold to a French breeder for 13,500 Euros. With a brilliant total breeding value of 166 and a Dutch breeding value of 363, Lucy easily took the lead of the contingent of genomic animals.

She was accompanied in the top positions by Younique, a granddaughter of the legendary SPH Yelena, and WEH Rio Grande, a descendant from the same line as SHA Guave, the calf that was sold for 100,000 Euros at the auction in Lingen. These two will make a breeder’s heart beat faster, particularly if interested in genomic animals with excellent conformation values. These two highly promising animals were sold to bidders from Brandenburg and Saxony, respectively, for 13,000 Euros each.

Into the Showring

Those interested in purchasing an animal to present at the show the day after the auction had to be particularly picky while choosing a first-calf heifer. Giessen San Germany, a truly extraordinary heifer from the breeding farm Heidehof Ahrens KG on the Northsea coast, was able to impress a bidder from Italy with her outstanding udder and conformation traits. She was sold for 7,000 Euros. The opener of the event, Desiree, bred by Rainer Engelke from Asendorf, was sold for 6,500 Euros. It was certainly a promising outlook for the show day after the auction!

The average sales price amounted to 8,300 Euros for a total of just under 40 animals at the auction.


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