About us


Market leader MASTERRIND is a modern company that combines three successful cooperative organizations with great tradition: SRV, WEU and MASTERRIND Hannover eG.

Supported by a dense network of motivated and competent employees, MASTERRIND offers solutions for cattle farmers out of one hand. This means maximum success for all members and customers in breeding, marketing, reproduction management and acquisition of equipment for successful dairy and beef farming.

With headquarters in Verden and regional centers in Meissen and Bad Zwischenahn, MASTERRIND assists more than 8,500 farmers with approximately 619,700 Herd Book cows of the Holstein breed and almost 11,000 Herd Book cows of different beef breeds.


Eight reasons why MASTERRIND stands out of the crowd:

  • MASTERRIND unites more than one third of all herd book cows in Germany
  • Long herd book tradition since 1876
  • Highest number of members of all German breeding associations
  • Largest and most successful German Holstein breeding program
  • No. 1 for Live Cattle Export in Germany
  • No. 1 for Semen Export among German AI stations
  • Most intensive ET-program (>6000 transferable embryos produced per year)
  • Unique biotechnology center together with NOG partners (ET, OVP, IVF)


Headquarters in Verden


Verden is a town not only well-known far beyond the national borders amongst horse breeders. Verden is also the center of Holstein breeding in Germany.

MASTERRIND GmbH is the largest German A.I. Center with the leading Holstein breeding program.


Osterkrug 20
27283 Verden
Phone: +49 4231 679-0
Fax: +49 4231 679-780

Regional Center Bad Zwischenahn


The health resort Bad Zwischenahn is the largest municipality in the Ammerland district in Lower Saxony. This region draws attention far beyond national borders with the Zwischenahner Meer (lake) and many plant and tree farms dominating the landscape. Since the merger with the Weser-Ems-Union, MASTERRIND GmbH is now represented with another branch office, ensuring accessibility to customers in the western region.


Feldlinie 2a
26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Phone: +49 4403 932-60
Fax: +49 4403 9326-13

Regional Center Meissen


Meissen, 25 km northwest of Dresden, is considered the cradle of Saxony. The city is famous for its world-class porcelain, colorful history, local wine and the modern business center of MASTERRIND GmbH. Approx. 110 motivated employees assist the Saxon cattle breeders from this site.


Schlettaer Str. 8
01662 Meißen
Phone: +49 3521 4704-10
Fax: +49 3521 4704-18

Quality is top priority. Performance and health in balance

What does MASTERRIND stand for? Not only for size, efficiency and power, but also for competence, continuity and partnership. Competent employees and highly trained specialists are available for all aspects of breeding in this company. MASTERRIND guarantees fast processing of orders for all customers, no matter in which area and in almost every extent. Mutual, fair partnerships at MASTERRIND stand for openness, interest in the customer’s demands as well as the development of individual and optimal solutions with guaranteed, uncompromising reliability.

The ultimate self-imposed maxim is continuity. In the future, MASTERRIND will also continue to deepen and expand its competence in the field of cattle breeding, leading to the development of custom-made as well as new products and services. MASTERRIND promotes the long-term success of its members, customers and partners.

Your first competent contact for all questions concerning

Service is the main concern at MASTERRIND. More than 600 employees at the three locations in Verden, Meissen and Bad Zwischenahn support more than 8,500 farmers with approx. 619,700 Holstein Herd Book cows and approx. 11,000 Herd Book cows of more than 20 beef breeds. Our entire range of services can be found here. Services