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New catalogues available

Verden 10th September 2021
MASTERRIND Sire Directories 2022 available now Team MASTERRIND is proud to present the two new international Sire Directory 2022 catalogues […]

New catalogue available

Verden 21st January 2022
Sire Directory 2022 Team MASTERRIND is proud to present the Beef Breeds Sire Directory December 2021 Update. Sire Directory – […]

43. Beef Cattle Days

Verden 13th December 2021
On February 11 and 12, 2022, the breeders of Lower Saxony and Saxony will jointly supply the Beef Cattle Days […]

Mixed Double/Triple

Verden 9th December 2021
Both from Stylon RDC and Salvo RDC we recently received photos of multiple births where the calves received both color […]

Royal Show in Lingen

Lingen 4th November 2021
When the auctioneer Michael Hellwinkel suddenly speaks Italian and the pedigree reader Stefan Kallaß advertises with “Go for her” – […]

Happy Birthday Beart!

Verden 30th September 2021
Much has been written and reported about him. We now want to take his 10th birthday in last May as […]