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PP & A2/A2 & BB

The complete package of outstanding homozygous polled Hotspot P sons

In the last issue of our newsletter we presented the advantages of the successful MASTERRIND polled sires program. Now we would like to introduce an elite selection of Hotspot P sons which combine the increasingly popular traits PP, A2/A2 and BB. And, If you are also looking for high type homozygous polled sires you need look no further than at these 3 sons KNS HAGGAI PP, MHD HOBBIT PP and HOTBULL PP. This unique and highly attractive trio have been extremely popular since their release and demand continues to grow.


is the # 1 for type (German Total Conformation Index RZE 124) among the German Hotspot P sons with PP, BB and A2/A2 and #1 for German Production Index (RZM 151) out of all Hotspot P sons. He goes back to the famous Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET EX-92 family.


is the #2 for type (German Total Conformation Index RZE 123) and #1 for Udder Health (RZUdderfit 115) and Somatic Cell Count (RZS 119) out of all German Hotspot P sons with PP, BB and A2/A2. His cow family of the Mabelpoll P’s has produced many bulls in AI such as the popular MASTERRIND sire ABI RED PP.


Our homozygous polled offering is complemented by the interesting MHD HOBBIT PP the present #2 bull in the US GTPI-Polled rankings at 2264 with PP, BB & A2/A2.


Breeding homozygous polled bulls has a clear welfare and economic advantage and with figures like these will definitely enhance any breeding program!
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