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Progeny demonstration March, 2020

Comment from our Progeny Expert Stefan Kallaß

It is a good and long tradition for MASTERRIND to show their clients and customers every year during Schau der Besten what our breeding program is delivering. We demonstrate how some of our best and most popular genomic bulls later deliver great cows and satisfy customers all over the world.

This year we did show the international visitors four progeny groups, all among the hottest proven bulls the MASTERRIND breeding program provides.  We have seen one group of tall, dairy cows with high milk production and perfectly attached udders and one group with a lot of strength and capacity to become barn favorites for the next years. Bulls with high production, high components, strength and the kind of cow to deliver the next generation.

With all our modern and innovative breeding tools you can use these four and all our highly recommended genomic bulls to gain the most improvement for your own herd.


The first group on display was the daughter group of Missan. He is a Missouri son from the well known and highly recommended Regancrest Juror Brina-Family. This very strong cow family with a lot of strength and capacity from head to tail was the perfect combination for Mc Cutchen and Missouri. As you can see from his daughters, they all show a very correct rump structure with enough width, strong loins and an open dairy rib. One of Missan’s outstanding breeding characteristics is his mind-blowing udder transmission. The daughters show a loot of texture, very strong attached fore udders, strong central ligament und high and wide rear udders. And that is not enough, all his inspected daughters have shown a great will to milk.

Click here for the full video presentation of the progeny group of Missan. 


The next group are daughters of Kingsley. His pedigree is a great combination of bulls that had a worldwide impact on the Holstein breed: Kingpin x Mogul x Domain. Who doesn`t remember SPH Yelena´s great performance on the German national show in Oldenburg 2017? She was one of the barn favorites for most of the visitors. Medium size, a lot of power and strength and a perfect mammary system. All this, with the combination of Kingpin seems to be the perfect cross. Kingsley´s daughters show us a lot of style, femininity and outstanding bone quality. He is a bull to use on high production cows to improve milk components and all udder traits.

Click here for the full video presentation of the progeny group of Kingsley. 

Arino Red

One highly expected group did follow. This Red &White sire was used all over the world, Arino Red. The Archive Red son combines RC-LC Goldwyn ATM EX-92 on the paternal side with the most influential red and white cow family in the breed, KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96. As consequence Arino Red was and is one of the most used red and white bulls in the MASTERRIND breeding program. We took the chance, despite his currently very few milking two-year old’s to select from, to display a group of his early daughters. Most of his offspring are going to calf these days. We get the best recommendations from all over the world. Arino Red is transmitting the rump width and capacity you would expect from the Apple family. His daughters have very clean bones with good mobility. The udders couldn’t be wider. They show a lot of venation with a correct teat placement. The fore udder attachment is great and the rear udders are high and very wide. Arino Red will be a bull to watch out for in the future.

Click here for the full video presentation of the progeny group of Arino Red. 


Finally, we did show a group of Kingman-daughters. Similar like the other three MASTERPROVEN sires Kingman hails from a great family and sire stack, too. He is a Kingboy son out of Gerard x Shottle. In the back of this pedigree we find the all over the world well known brood cow, Morningview Converse Judy EX-93. His daughters look a lot like the Kingboy daughters, but they are way more correct in the rump angle. They show a lot of strength and capacity. Kingman daughters are dairy cows but for sure not skinny. This combination seems to make them cows which will stay long in the barn and develop from lactation to lactation. The displayed daughters have shown good locomotion with a correct foot setting. Kingman really excels in his functional traits for a proven bull. He shows us a perfect combination of production, type as well as very good calving figures and healthy udders.

Click here for the full video presentation of the progeny group of Kingman.

All the four groups our national and international visitors had the chance to look at during these years Schau der Besten demonstrate the diversity the MASTERRIND breeding program will deliver. The best sire of sons in combination with the worlds finest cow families are just enough for us.  We are breeding and selecting bulls, which will help you to develop a herd of cows with the type and production you aim for, to assure you a profitable future dairy production.