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Progeny Presentation at the Schau der Besten

It is impossible to imagine a show without progeny presentations, which are always extremely popular with the audience. And this is for good reason, as it is an event where the first daughters of a particularly interesting selection of bulls are shown to the public for the first time! These cows are also a reflection of MASTERRIND’s breeding program. You breeders might be wondering how we select bulls from the seemingly endless pool of young animals and turn them into the top sires they are today in the highly competitive MASTERRIND breeding program. Not every bull makes it into the selection of sires currently offered for use. It is truly an honor for a sire, if his daughters are presented at the “Schau der Besten”. The quality of the daughters was so high that each group consisted of nine heifers. This is a rarity – even worldwide. Are you wondering who made it into the selection this year? Here you go!


Baldur, sired by Balisto, descends from the successful maternal line of Radieuse, sired by Jocko Besne, from the dairy operation Niermann in Schiplage. Baldur’s vital daughters of medium frame sizes will not disappoint! They are elegant and exhibit good movement traits with their ideal leg conformation. His daughters that were presented all had excellent, well textured and firmly attached udders with ideal teat placement. Baldur’s progeny group won the award of being the crowd’s favorite daughter collection. On top of that his fancy daughter, Interra VG-85,  from the dairy operation Neveln GbR in Ottersberg, was selected by judge Cord Hormann as best heifer of the entire progeny show.


Bestboss descends from a successful maternal line that has influenced the Holstein breed greatly. Just to give you an example, the bull Snowman descends from the same maternal line. Bestboss is sired by Boss and will produce cows that leave nothing to be desired. His daughters presented at the event are cows who demonstrate larger frame size and great strength and substance already at a young age. They have ideal rump angles, a medium rump width and excellent feet and legs. Bestboss’ strong suit is his transmitting potential for wide and high, firmly attached udders with ideal teat placement.


Lendary, sired by Let It Snow, is originally from the Netherlands. He descends from the famous US maternal line of Leadman Mae.

Lendary will pass on a combination of great conformation traits with ideal rump angles and excellent udder traits to his daughters. His daughters that were presented are showing great potential. You can tell that these noble cows’ grandfather is the great sire Bolton! They are of strong dairy type and of medium frame size. Their long and ideally positioned rumps with above average width and favorable angles are hard to go unnoticed. Lendary’s daughters have a tendency for straighter hind legs with deep heels. Their udders are characterized by firm fore udder attachment and ideal teat placement.

Filou RDC

Filou RDC is a red factor bull that descends from a maternal line of the dairy operation Flasskamp from the RUW breeding area. We don’t even need to say much about his sire, the all-time favorite bull Fanatic, but you might wonder which traits characterize his son! Filou RDC’s daughters are of medium frame size. They have not failed to impress on dairy operations in the area with their great chest and rump widths and their optimal rump angles. They have a tendency for straighter hind legs with deep heels. Their firmly attached and well-textured udders are highly functional and exhibit ideal front teat placement. Filou RDC is suited to improve the overly close positioning of rear teats in his offspring.

Here comes an overview of the four progeny groups:


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