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Red and Popular

Holstein International’s “Red Impact” survey is currently being conducted, in which readers are invited to cast their vote for the most influential Red Holstein cow of the year.

When looking at the list of cows, it is notable that quite a few of the animals have already been used for the MASTERRIND breeding program. Therefore, we can offer bulls descending from the most popular Red Holstein cows to you – and you can already benefit from these successful breedings!

A-L-H Sympatico Ariel-Red EX-90 is the dam of our type and udder specialist Arino Red. is one of the most popular proven red bulls in Germany and combines high components, great conformation and ease calving.

A-L-H Sympatico Ariel-Red EX-90


Alicia Mr-RC VG-88 (sired by Lobach) is the dam of Gywer RDC. Gywer RDC passes high milk production, longevity, and excellent udders on to his daughters, who achieved top-prices at the Top-Genetic Sales 2019.

Alicia MR RC VG-88 (S. Lobach)

BTS-Avea-Red VG-87 (sired by Detox) is Roadstar’s dam. Roadstar is sired by Anton and he is part of the MASTERPROVEN program. He passes excellent udders and longevity on to his daughters and has a great DDcontrol value (resistance to the Mortellaro disease). BTS-Avea-Red VG-87 is also the grandam of our highly popular MASTERGEN sire Solito Red (sired by Salvatore), who excels with outstanding breeding values for fitness and conformation. Solito Red remained the #1 German Red genomic sire for type in April 2020.

BTS-Avea-Red VG-87 (S. Detox)

Safari Red (sired by Spark Red) is a very young bull whose dam is De Oosterhof DG Rose-RC VG-87 (sired by Rubicon). He has exceptional gRZM, gZRN, and gRZE values.

De Oosterhof DG Rose-RC VG-87 (S. Rubicon) Foto: eurogenes

Spark Red’s grandam Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan-RC EX-90 is in the selection as well! The former sire of son, Spark Red is sired by Salvatore RDC and passes excellent conformation, fantastic production and calving ease on to his daughters.

De Oosterhof DG Rose-RC VG-87 (S. Rubicon) Photo: eurogenes

Drouner AJDH Aiko-RC VG-87 (sired by Freddie) is the dam of Edox Red (sired by Efford), who is a particularly interesting bull for breeders looking for Kappa Casein BB and A2A2 genetics.

Drouner AJDH Aiko-RC VG-87 (S. Freddie)

Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite-Red VG-87 not only is the dam of the Grand Champion of the German Holstein Show 2019 but also of conformation-specialist and VG-89 bull Dice Red (sired by Diamondback).

Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite-Red VG-87

Coloredo P (sired by Colt P) passes exceptional performance traits on to his offspring! He has more than 4,600 daughters (MASTER PROVEN) and has an excellent transmitting potential for milk production (2,317 Mkg). Another asset of this bull is his high sire conception rate. His dam is the famous Morningview Super Roxy-RC EX-90!

Morningview Super Roxy-RC EX-90

Wilder K25-Red VG-88 (sired by Brekem) is Kanu P Red’s maternal sister. But most importantly, she is the dam of #5 RZG Red Holstein bull Baymax Red! MASTER GEN bull Baymax Red is sired by Bagno RDC. His strong suits are easy births, good feet and legs, and high longevity.

Baymax Red (S. Bagno)

Several bulls that are sired by Gywer RDC and Spark Red are currently in the top-lists of genomic bulls. Another proof for the success of the MASTERRIND breeding program!