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Schau der Besten: High Level Show Program Attracted Many International Visitors

For numerous international distributors and guests, the Schau der Besten is an integral part of their global show calendar. With the farm tour, individual progeny inspection, the MASTERCLASS lecture and the visit of the MASTERRIND headquarter, a very diverse program of interesting activities had been offered to the international guests during the  “Schau der Besten”-week.

This year’s program started with two farm visits near Verden. Both farms were chosen to demonstrate the high quality of our member farms and to give a representative overview about the different management systems up to 500 cow herd-size in our membership area.  Both farms were an excellent example of modern, progressive Holstein farms. The quality seen was very impressive. MASTERRIND GmbH would like to thank Mr. Friedhelm zum Felde, Ottingen and Deelsen Holsteins KG, Kirchlinteln again for their willingness to present their farms. All guests were captivated by the quality farm setup and high management level and are already looking forward to the 2020 Schau der Besten farm tours.

The next event was an international lunch at the main office in Verden with intensive conversations between all participants, followed by the MASTERCLASS lecture given by Dr. Rensing from the German Evaluation centre VIT. Dr. Rensing updated the large audience with the upcoming changes and adjustments within the Evaluation model in Germany starting April 2019. There are  a lot of improvements and positive changes to expect, plus the highly anticipated German evaluation for major health traits will start in April. After the lecture and a positive discussion the groups went to the International reception at the show-grounds in the Niedersachsen hall. Most of them took the chance to see the perfectly presented daughter groups in the barns and did get prepared in a nice, professional atmosphere for the upcoming, spectacular MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION.

The show day is interesting for our international guests not only because of the top-class show cows but also because of the presentation of the progeny groups. This year MASTERRIND presented four large, uniform daughter groups of the popular Holstein bulls, RR Bestboss, Vendairy Lendary, KNS Baldur and Filou RDC. Surely the group quality offered something for everybody.

As the final part of an informative, diverse supporting program, MASTERRIND invited their international guests from the animal and semen export sectors to a dinner reception in the MASTERRIND headquarter after the show. This is always the final highlight after an eventful week of various show activities. This year, delegations from more than 20 countries followed the invitation to Verden, including representatives from China, France, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Belarus or Cyprus. The international reception was traditionally opened with a short presentation by our managing director, Ralf Strassemeyer. In his speech he thanked all the representatives from the various countries for their excellent work and commitment in the past business year. For the second time and as a highlight of the international reception, the best semen sellers were awarded by the MASTERRIND crew. With this award MASTERRRIND honours the special achievements of its distributors abroad. This year’s winner was MASTERRIND GmbH Bejjing/Xinjiang Xinnuo Bio-technology Co. Ltd. from China, whose managing director, Mrs. Ellen Liu, proudly received the coveted challenge cup. For the first time this year, the largest increase in sales compared to the previous year was also awarded. First place went to the committed team of MASTERRRIND Magyarorszag Kft. from Hungary.

After the positive feedback from all our international visitors we are already in the preparation for next year’s international program Schau der Besten 2020 and we hope to welcome again many guests from all continents.

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