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Schau der Besten: Surprise Winner Alessja

The 46th “Schau der Besten” ended with a bang on Thursday, February 28th 2019.  After a phenomenal showdown, the breeders Jake Lohmöller and Torben Melbaum from Emsbüren with their exceptional second-calf cow Loh TJ Alessja suddenly found themselves standing on the red carpet in a shower of golden confetti.

As usual, the “Schau der Besten” began with top-notch heifer classes. Cord Hormann from Warmsen was the judge of the heifer division, which consisted of excellent animals from the entire breeding area of MASTERRIND. OHB Dream, sired by Atwood and owned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gödecker from Varrel, took the leading position of her class. Her excellent rear udder traits surely helped her to score that position. Right behind her was GHH Antoni, sired by Fitz and owned by Kastens Holstein GbR from Stuhr. WFD Miss Diamond was the clear winner of her class. She is owned by the breeders collective Wille, Rübesam, Melbaum and Kallaß from Herbergen. Right behind her in second place was Bailey, sired by MASTERRIND’s Ed Red PP and owned by Karsten Bätge from Wustrow. Henrike, sired by Aftershock and owned by Brünicke GbR from Höhbeck, did not fail to impress with her great feet and legs and her favorable udder traits. She therefore placed first in her class, followed by Joy in second place, who is sired by Barnaby and owned by Henning Dunkhorst from Raddestorf.

First Highlight of the Day

The first real highlight of the event was the champion selection among all class winners in the heifer division. The light in the hall was dimmed and the music increased the tension before the judge Cord Hormann announced his final decision. WFD Miss Diamond was the clear winner of the heifer division and OHB Dream came in second.

Absolute Beauties

There were four classes in the division of second-calf cows. Goldlieschen took the lead in the first class. She descends from the cattle breeding operation Derboven in Warpe and was able to impress with her strong dairy type and openness of rib. Coming in closely behind her in second place was FG Natalie, sired by Mad Max and owned by Henrik Wille from Herbergen. The two cows that were in the leading positions of the next class were called “exceptional gems” by judge Hormann. For the first time Loh TJ Alessja entered the stage and Hormann gushed about many of her excellent traits such as her body width and capacity and wide rib bones. Alessja is a sister to our popular show-type sire Loh Dice Red, sired by Armani and owned by the breeder collective Lohmöller, Melbaum, Nosbisch and Blaise from Emsbüren. She underlines the outstanding strengths of this cow family, which we also find in Dice Red. Another beautiful animal, SHo Jolina (sired by Godewind and owned by Franz-Bernd Meyer from Damme) came in second. The next class was won by ZR Alemania, sired by Sea and owned by Bernd Hatke and Torben Melbaum from Bösel. She impressed the judge with her elegance and her ideal teat placement. Hanna, sired by Mogul and owned by Ekkel GbR from Itterbek came in second right behind her. Fux Tohuwabohu from Hahn/Radke Holsteins GbR, Eppendorf did not fail to impress and placed 1a. Molla (sired by Sallas) from Stolle GbR, Berne received place 1b. Like many of the other cows mentioned above, RS Picalilly (sired by Sammy and owned by Thomas Schulte-Lohmöller, Bernd Hatke and Sönke Strudthoff from Damme) is well-known in the show business. She was the undisputed winner of her class, due to her favorable traits like body width and length and depth of heart. Coming in after her at 1b was the very youthful cow Eke Hellen, sired by Aftershock and owned by Hein Ekenhorst from Laar. The last class was won by Loh Lilli Brax, sired by Braxton and owned by Andreas Lohmöller from Emsbüren. She had a more favorable front end than the cow in second place, Countdown, sired by Sympatico and owned by Stefan Schulte.

Selection of the Winners: Round Two

The collection of second and third calf cows was lined up right through the Niedersachsenhalle for the selection of the winner. The spectators in the completely packed bleachers were clapping rhythmically. The judge finally announced the winner, Loh TJ Alessja. Her barn mate Loh Lilli Brax received second place.

The division of the old cows is a sensation at any show. Receiving first place in her class was Hirondelle, sired by Zelgadis and owned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gödecker from Varrel. She has already had four calves! KIH Damian, sired by Dempsey and owned by Wolfgang and Gisela Blaschke from Neuhausen placed 1b. Loh Lehman, sired by Mr. Sam and owned by Andreas Lohmöller placed 1a, due to her excellent feet and legs – and she already had six calves! WHC Sanka came in after her at 1b. She is sired by MASTERRIND’s Acme RF and owned by Klaus-Dieter Weseloh from Schneverdingen.

Class number 17 was a special attraction: Cows with a life’s achievement of 75,000 liters of milk production were honored. The audience was visibly impressed by these exceptional animals! Famous cow Lady Gaga, sired by Modest and owned by Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster from Herbergen, won this class without any trouble. Algenblume, sired by Goldwin and owned by Friedrich Kleine-Ruse came in behind her.

The final selection of the champion among the winners of all classes was truly impressive. You don’t see that many wonderful cows with that many calvings in one place very often! The audience was clapping excitedly. To nobody’s surprise, Cord Hormann finally announced Lady Gaga as the overall winner of her division. She has now produced close to 114,000 liters of milk, has had eight calves and sure looks much younger than she is. This exceptional cow certainly deserved to be honored on this day in Verden.

Hormann Surprises the Audience

The red carpet is being rolled out and mysterious barrels are being placed on the sides of the carpet in the dim light of the hall. The audience quickly finds out what is hidden in the barrels. Several meter tall fire columns are shooting out of the barrels to the bass of the song “Sail”, increasing the tension of the audience. The winners of each class are lined up on the carpet, judge Cord Hormann is circling around them, about to make the final decision. All eyes are on him and for a second everyone thinks he might take a step towards Lady Gaga – but no, he is stepping towards Loh TJ Alessja, announcing her as the winner of the event. You can see the joy in Jake Lohmöller’s face while being showered with golden confetti and the 3,000 spectators of the event are sharing his joy!


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