MASTERRIND strives to be your first partner. Therefore we offer maximum success in all areas of dairy and beef cattle holding: all service programs out of one hand, helping you to achieve!


MASTERRIND: your first partner for cattle!

MASTERRIND offers diverse solutions for all areas of cattle breeding, and is on your side as a reliable partner. This means maximum success for all members and clients. Benefit from a highly modern breeding program: the only way to ensure healthy, highly productive heifers in your herd.

Breeding consulting at MASTERRIND

Breeding of cattle is the foundation of sustainable and economic production of top-quality food products. Thanks to modern research, we today have a wealth of information on the genetic predisposition of an animal that can be utilized to benefit the farmer and the herd.

For improving cattle herds through breeding, MASTERRIND offers an extensive range of services.

Our consultants have excellent knowledge and are capable of providing broad assistance for further development of your herd at all times. They will review the situation on site, analyse the advantages and development potential of your herd, and jointly define a concept for further genetic management.


GloBAP mating services

You would like to improve your herd?

You are looking for the right bull for your cow?

You are looking for something which notes all genetic defects and control inbreed?

You need help to selecting different bulls?

MASTERRIND can offer you the solution! GloBAP!

GloBAP is a useful tool to define your own individual breeding goal and to improve your dairy herd in the defined sectors.


General information (Source VIT Verden)

The abbreviation GloBAP means Global Bull Advise Program. It’s an online- based program which was developed by VIT Verden. GloBAP will help to accelerate herd improvement in the necessary sectors, eliminate genetic recessives or control inbreeding to help our clients breed higher producing and longer living cattle. The program selects the most optimum bull for each heifer and cow. Mating on different levels is possible. Another big advantage is the concept of a farm individual bull pool. Besides, the program always reaches on the newest information for the bulls. GloBAP shows not only the suitable bulls for the cow, but also why a bull was not selected. The final report can be printed out, stored as a file and read it on farm software.

For more details please call our MASTERRIND´s customer service or our herd mating specialist



• GloBAP is a modern mating program
• Easy to handle
• Helpful selection of bulls
• Better use of own bulls
• Mating on different levels possible (pedigree mating)
• No local installation is necessary, only one PC with Internet browser and Internet access
• Always up to date information about bulls
• Definition of own breeding goals possible
• Consideration of breeding values of the cows, if available
• The program shows not only the suitable bulls for the cow, but also why a bull was not selected
• Mating can be stored as a file or be printed ou
• Besides, genetic defects and inbreed are considered of course


Herd Mating Specialist

Diana Walter
Mobile: +49 178 6623819


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