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Breeding consulting at MASTERRIND

Breeding of cattle is the foundation of sustainable and economic production of top-quality food products. Thanks to modern research, we today have a wealth of information on the genetic predisposition of an animal that can be utilized to benefit the farmer and the herd.

For improving cattle herds through breeding, MASTERRIND offers an extensive range of services.

Our consultants have excellent knowledge and are capable of providing broad assistance for further development of your herd at all times. They will review the situation on site, analyse the advantages and development potential of your herd, and jointly define a concept for further genetic management.

Herd Genotyping

  • MASTERRIND offers with the herd genotyping program a new possibility for customers to get genomic information from their animals directly after the birth of the animals. With the genomic information it is possible to increase the efficiency and profitability of the farms. New management strategies are developed in close cooperation with the farm and the MASTERRIND employees.
  • By genotyping your heifers, you can get to know your animals better and very quickly (3 to 6 months of age). This means to improve technical performances like speeding up genetic progress and make sorting more relevant, sale of females or cull cows. Furthermore, this also means a optimize mating, by using the MASTERRIND mating program BAP. There are several possibilities to make mating unique for the individual need of the farm for example the choice of doses (sexed semen, crossing…).

MASTERRIND Herd Genotyping – Small Tag, Big Progress

It’s the inner values that count – not only for humans, but also for your animals. Because only those who really know their herd genetically can use the full potential and achieve the maximum breeding progress. With the help of genomic breeding values for your female animals, you can now make more targeted decisions and optimise your management strategy.

What is herd genotyping?

Herd genotyping is a management tool that will reliably help you to be up to date.
Decisions regarding breeding, selection and sales of animals by using the fastest logistical method to run tissue samples.
There are different options of Herd Genotyping in order to improve your herd genetically and quickly as possible:

  • Genotyping all female animals starting on a specific date
  • Genotyping all young stock
  • Genotyping all heifers and cows in their first lactation up until day 200 of lactation
  • Genotyping all cows in their first lactation up until day 200 of lactation

The answer is undoubtedly YES! The phenotypic performance of the 25% highest ranking animals, sorted by genotypic breeding values, clearly differs from the 25% genetically lowest ranking animals.

Difference between the best (25+%) and lowest (-25%) breeding value group

Make better decisions

Let’s take a small example: You have two calves that hardly differ in pedigree and appearance. Due to various factors (space, feed, area availability) you can only raise one of them. You must decide. But how? So far you have probably gone by appearance, mother performance and good feeling. I am sure you have been right many times. But there is even a better way: You have both animals genotyped and get the genomic breeding values within a very short time. With information on milk ability, longevity or, for example, udder health, you know exactly which of the two calves is better suited to your herd and can market the other one at a given time.

Special insemination

We can go one step further. Once we know which are our best animals, we can select them specifically for use in sexed semen or embryo transfer. In this way, breeding progress can be pushed even further – meaning: your herd will become even better even faster. Likewise, you know your genetically less valuable animals, which you can market or provide within the milking herd for beef breed insemination.

If you are interested in MASTERRIND herd genotyping, please contact Diana Walter ( She will be happy to advise you in an initial discussion and will work with you to determine the most economically sensible strategy for your farm in terms of mating, insemination and marketing.
After conclusion of the contract, MASTERRIND will take over the first ear tag order and demonstrate the sampling directly on your farm. After subsequent DNA analysis and breeding value estimation, the genomic breeding values are available to you in the herd management program NetRind Genom. Thanks to the weekly breeding value estimation, we currently offer you the fastest logistics on the market.

You get data for all current breeding values, characteristic complexes, etc. but not only that. You benefit for a lifetime, because all data available in the future (e.g. on genetic defects) will also be made available for already typed animals.

Via NetRind Genom you have access to the data of your animals at any time.

In the past, the selection of young stock has been solely based on phenotype and pedigree index. Today, we can provide more reliability and new selection criteria, shown below based on selected breeding values:

Accuracy of Genomic Breeding Values

Genotyping your female animals provides countless opportunities to improve operating profit:

Optimize heifer replacement
Optimize heifer replacement

Maximize breeding progress
Maximize breeding progress

Precise mating
Precise mating

Improve herd health
Improve herd health

High reliable pedigrees
High reliable pedigrees


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