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Sunshine & Top Genetics at the Bull Parade in Höchstädt

The weather couldn’t have been any better for the Bull Parade at the breeding station in Höchstädt, Bavaria! Bright blue skies behind the stands completely filled with spectators made up the perfect setting for the presentation of top-notch Fleckvieh-Simmental cattle.  A total of 46 bulls were presented at the event; offering the spectators a good opportunity to get an impression of the quality and variety of Fleckvieh-Simmental genetics offered in Höchstädt.Ten bulls at the event were genetically polled out of which two were homozygous polled bulls. This indicates the growing significance of genetically polled bulls in the field of Fleckvieh-Simmental genetics.

Long Established Bull Everest and Other Popular Genomic Sires

Despite his older age, daughter proven bull Everest is still in excellent shape and appeared almost “youthful” when he was presented to the spectators. This bull has significantly contributed to the fact that the breeding station in Höchstadt is internationally known. Some other very interesting popular genomic bulls like Imperativ, Dream, Zazu, Herrmanns and Hollywood were also presented at the event. These bulls have been used by many MASTERRIND partners abroad and have also contributed to the excellent reputation of the breeding station Höchstädt.

Bulls Weitblick and Herzpochen with GZW>140

As usual the best part of a show comes last! Towards the end of the parade the young bulls entered the stage, two of them with a genomic total breeding value (GZW) of over 140! The first of those bulls was Weitblick, a truly special sire with his GZW of 141. He was purchased at the auction in Weilheim in July 2018 for the record price of 151,000 Euros! This bull is extremely well rounded with his transmitting potential for excellent performance and fitness traits as well as great meat characteristics. His semen is now readily available.

Last but not least in the show ring was bull Herzpochen, a bull with great values for calving ease. Dr. Frank Bosselmann, the manager of the breeding station, introduced this bull as the current No. 1 Fleckvieh-SImmenthal bull free of genetic defects in the ring. Herzpochen has an astounding overall breeding value of 142 and has extremely high values for milk production of 137 and +1545 milk-kg. On top of that his breeding value for meat characteristics is 122. It doesn’t get much better than that!