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The Fabulous Four in Tarmstedt

There surely was no shortage of progeny groups at the exhibition “Tarmstedter Ausstellung” on Monday. Breeding consultant Stefan Kallaß presented the daughters of the four bulls Arino Red, Ems Red PP, Kingman and Satisfy. Here is a short introduction of the bulls, in case you did not make it to the MASTERRIND tent on time

Arino Red

(Archiver x EX-90 Sympatico x EX-92 Talent2)

This super red and white bull from the Apple family continues to get more and more popular among breeders! He launched his career with consistently solid breeding values. Ever since then, he reliably receives great breeding values at every single breeding value estimation. His first daughters are now ready to perform on the farms and excel with their outstanding conformation, their good milk solids and excellent calving traits. The fine young cows show great development potential and their high and firmly attached udders are well textured and exhibit longer teats. Arino Red is an overall extremely well-rounded bull. He is just starting his career as a daughter-proven bull and we are sure that he and his daughters have a successful future ahead of them! Arino Red is one of the best bulls regarding the resistance to dermatitis digitalis and carries the DDcontrol label.

Ems Red PP

(Esperado P x VG-85 Ladd P x VG-86 Mitey P)

Ems Red PP’s daughters’ excellent, firmly attached udders will not go unnoticed! Not only are these udders nice to look at but they also will not fail to impress with excellent udder health and teat length. Ems Red’s daughters have sloped rumps, exhibit great movement traits and are of medium frame size with sufficient chest width. The popular homozygous bull Ems Red PP is particularly well-suited for dairies that use milking robots and offers excellent breeding values for the new health traits.


(Kingboy x Gerard x VG-87 Silver)

Kingman has been popular already as a genomic sire. Now his daughters are calving and they will not fail to impress! They are of large frame sizes with very wide rumps, have excellent feet and legs and their udders show great venation. These stronger boned cows catch surely your attention! They are extremely functional and have no issues regarding fertility and udder health whatsoever. They are ready to perform on the farms with their faultless calving traits. Kingman is one of the top bulls for mortellaro resistance, DDcontrol, and he carries the popular casein genotypes BB and A2A2.


(Slate x Supersire x EX-90 Bookem)

Satisfy’s daughters are of medium stature with a tendency for greater chest-widths.  They will not disappoint with their high butterfat and protein content. They exhibit great body depth and have excellent rear udders. On top of that, Satisfy’s daughters tend to have longer teats, a trait expression that is more important these days. Satisfy is a nice, all-around bull and has an outstanding transmitting potential for maternal calving ease.


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