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The Most Frequently Used Bulls in Germany in 2019

Recently, the “Bundesverband für Rind und Schwein (BRS)” and the “Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung (VIT)” published their annual statistics of the most frequently used bulls in 2019.

We are proud of the results! A total of 7 out of 15 Black Holsteins and another 3 Red Holsteins are MASTERRIND bulls. Let us introduce you to our highest ranking bulls!

Black Holsteins

Merian PP
Merian PP

Merian PP (Mission P x Balisto) was used as a sire 31,125 times and therefore is the no. 1 most-used bull! In this homozygous polled bull’s pedigree, Lawn Boy P only makes one appearance. The combination of his excellent transmitting potential for performance traits, flawless conformation, and positive breeding values for all secondary traits make this bull truly outstanding. On top of that, Merian P’s fresh semen has been available.

You have probably heard of our bull Sullivan (Superhero x Missouri) before. He has been used as a sire 18,188 times! He is a true outcross bull and has excellent breeding values for fitness traits. On top of that, he has a great transmitting potential for milk production and his daughters are well suited for dairies that use milking robots. Another asset of this bull is his high breeding value for longevity.

Gywer RDC
Gywer RDC

Gywer RDC (Gymnast x Lobach) was the first bull sired by Gymnast to be used for breeding. This red factor bull is highly interesting for both, Black and Red Holstein breeders. Due to his excellent breeding values in all different areas, he is well suited as a bull sire. His offspring does not disappoint! 14,973 first inseminations!

Last but not least is the famous, daughter-proven bull Beart (Beacon x Goldwin). His breeding values for feet and legs, longevity, suitability for milking robots, and calving ease, as well as his conception rates, have been excellent for several years in a row. His daughters reliably perform well on many farms, even as they are getting older, leaving their owners satisfied. He was used 14,619 times.


Red Holsteins

Arino Red Progeny group
Arino Red Progeny group

Arino Red is the favorite amongst the Red Holstein breeders! He descends from the Apple-maternal line with 8 generations of EX rated cows. His outstanding conformations in combination with his reliable transmitting potential for calving ease, despite very wide rumps, make this bull truly exceptional. Living proof of his qualities were his daughters presented at the progeny presentation at the “Schau der Besten”.

Homozygous polled bull Abi Red PP’s excellent transmitting potential for milk production and milk fat content made him a popular choice in 2019. Some of his other assets are excellent calving ease and slightly alternative bloodlines for Red Holsteins. He was used for 4,370 first inseminations!