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Top Beef Cattle Presentation

At the four-day long agricultural exhibition in Tarmstedt the animal show ring once again attracted many interested visitors. The show ring was surrounded by visitors for the entire five-hour long beef cattle presentation. What a success! The livestock area at the exhibition provided an excellent platform for associations to showcase their products and was ideally suited for competitions.

MASTERRIND’s beef cattle breeders and their guests broke all records at the 24th regional show, with over 220 animals and 46 young breeders in the competition.

All divisions were shown, from heifers to old bulls, broken up into different groups within the divisions.

MASTERRIND’s judges Thorsten Ahlers, Friedrich Averbeck and Johannes Röttger had their work cut out for them with a broad variety of groups within the divisions and with some difficult decisions amongst the high-quality, top-ranking animals. The strong commitment of the participating exhibitors this year was delightful. Within the breeds, they emphasized breeding goals and breeding directions. All breeds that were shown in the competition successfully demonstrated high-quality regional breeding.

The Tarmstedt beef cattle show is, by numbers and by the variety of different breeds presented, still the biggest beef cattle show in Germany. This year, the number of show animals broke all previous records. There also were more spectators from the region as well as from other regions in Germany than ever before (117.000). The spectators showed their recognition for the event with plenty of cheering and applause. Once again the organizers successfully created an extensive, visitor-friendly platform for the beef cattle program.

A special highlight of the event was the selection of “Mister Tarmstedt” and “Miss Tarmstedt”, the best bull and best cow amongst all different breeds at the event. It was a head to head race for both titles. Limousin cow Henricke owned by Josef Knurbein from Lindern, CLP was selected as Miss Tarmstedt. The Mister Tarmstedt title went to Limousin bull Jak owned by the breeder collective Ahrens, Thieße, Wortmann, Hespe, SHG.

As a reward for their excellent performances, the two well-deserving top animals received trophies from the exhibition-management. The trophies were presented by Dirk Gieschen from the Tarmstedt exhibition-management.

Another special highlight of the event was once again the

. This year it was a head to head race for the champion title between three Charolais, one Galloway and one Limousin bull. In the end, the breeding farm Josef Knurbein won the progeny presentation. The daughters of their bull CN-Umbra went undefeated with their impressive uniformity.

Without a question, the beef cattle breeders and their fan community are already looking forward to the next Tarmstedt beef cattle show. Next year, in 2020, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the event!

MASTERRIND would like to thank everyone at the event for the great hospitality!

Miss and Mister Tarmstedt with their presenters, Dirk Gieschen (Tarmstedt exhibition-management), Ulrich Brehmer (managing director Masterrind) and Johannes Röttger (staff member beef cattle department)